Ointment for scars on face: the best healing drugs

The scars on his face, as it is known, adorn only men. Women these «brutality» forced inferiority complex. How to get rid of unwanted marks on the body, without resorting to radical methods? If damage is not old and shallow, try some ointment for scars on the face. On the shelves of pharmacies they represented a huge amount. The article prepared an overview of the best deals in the pharmaceutical industry — modern ointments and have proven to be classic.

Absorbable drugs

Often, drugs to dissolve scars contain silicone and are valid only in the epidermis without penetration into the body. As the primary treatment they are used to fight only with small defects of the skin, in order to prevent proliferation of connective tissue and the occurrence of repeated scarring. In the deep and old the damage these drugs are used for adjunctive therapy. Remember: biodegradable agent may not dissolve and to increase scar and scar! Before beginning treatment show the problem to the specialist and let the doctor select the tool.

Melt — a cream and scars

Vitamin C plays an important role in the recovery processes of the body, replacing old and broken cells with new ones. No wonder that «askorbinku» included in the cream to «melt,» U.S. drug scars and postoperative scars. Substances placed in microcapsules, proceed into the skin, allowing the old fabric ‘dissolve’ damaged cells are restored and the scar disappears.


Gel «Contractubex» made in Germany. The preparation consists of three important substances:

  • Onion extract: reduces inflammation and allergic reactions in keloid scars, reduces the risk of suppuration in the wound.
  • Heparin: struggling with pain, development of edema and soften the scar so that it becomes elastic.
  • Allantoin accelerates the healing of wound surface, reduces itching and other unpleasant sensations that occur during scarring. As a result, «Contractubex» breaks down scar tissue and promotes the resorption of scars.

Zeraderm ultra

Gel/cream «Theraderm» — known weapons in the war with scar tissue, produced in Holland. It’s a great tool and easy to apply without sticky unpleasant effect characteristic of silicone gels. On the shelves of Russian pharmacies found two drugs series: the actual «Zeraderm» and advanced analog «Zeraderm ultra». For additional protection of the scar, the manufacturers added in the cream against scars «Zeraderm Ultra» vitamins, «a tool for youth» co-enzyme Q10 and UV-filter. The drug passes the oxygen not absorbed in the blood.

Both of these tools treat keloids and hypertrophic scars, as you just learned, and old. They are prescribed for post-operative care for scars, for skin regeneration after laser treatment. When combined with oxygen and substances in the cream, form a water-repellent shell. The main advantage, which will appeal to women: «Zeraderm Ultra» can be used together with cosmetics! Thin film is not visible and the function of makeup base. So the indispensable means to combat scar on the face, neck or decollete.


Silicone gel «Dermatix» is intended for the treatment of scars that appeared after burns, trauma, surgery, and prevention of new ones. Benefits means:

  • Lightning dries on the skin and does not require the imposition of a protective bandage.
  • After applying addictive forms an invisible film that protects the affected area from mechanical injuries, it does not cover the access of oxygen. Should not be applied to unhealed wounds and mucous membranes!
  • Used as a solo treatment and in addition to other remedies against scars.

Methyluracyl ointment for scars

The drug is a stimulator of metabolic processes. This ointment rough from the scars on your face will restore the cellular structure of the skin, heal tissue and remove inflammation. The light is absorbed into the blood, so is contraindicated in children under three years, pregnant and lactating unwanted. Another distinctive ability is that inexpensive drugs from scars: when using antibacterial drugs increases the effectiveness of the latter, and the microbes slowly get used to antibiotics. The ointment softens rough skin.

Vishnevsky Ointment

This smelly remedy — known throughout the former Soviet Union method of dealing with suppurative diseases of the skin. In addition, the ointment, absorbable seal, normalizes blood cells and contributes to the activation of regenerative processes in the epidermis. Old scars this ointment will not relieve, but it can be used as a homemade cream for marks after pimples. Here is the recipe of this drug:

  • Mix this «perfume» Vishnevsky with honey in equal proportions.
  • The mixture was put on a cabbage leaf and apply the compress to the received medium to the scar for an hour.
  • You need to repeat daily for months.

Video: how to get rid of scars from acne

In addition pharmacy drugs popular recipes will save you from scars of pimples and acne. You will learn about how to use lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, yogurt, kefir, cereal, fresh juice, mint, eggs and a light facial massage treatment. What else will help get rid of unsightly marks on the skin? Funds from scars and useful reviews adherents to natural products, to test the recipes — all that you see in the video below informative.

Reviews about the creams from scars

Natasha, 29 years: I used the ointment «Zeraderm Ultra», which was prescribed by the surgeon. Cost expensive, but did not find cheap imitations. The scar has not disappeared, hope that this is temporary, but brightened up and became a little thinner. After surgery and until the moment when I started to get rid of the scar, it’s been like three years. Use the ointment for three months.

Elena, 40 years: My friend, the doctor, said that when dealing with very old traces will not help any ointment for the resorption of scars and scars. Should be applied when the scar no longer than two years!!! Even better, when the wound barely heals. Otherwise only helps the surgeon or cosmetologist. I got a late start – the dog bit my finger five years ago. There is no result, have tried four different ointment.

Ilona, 15 years: I make the mask: mix Vishnevsky ointment, honey and alcohol (my mother brought from the hospital) equal amounts, one teaspoon. The resulting mixture is spread on the bandage, folded in several times, and apply on the face. Doing the third week. The marks of the pimples not yet gone, but the inflammation appeared. I believe, an excellent ointment from the various scars on his face.

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