Working with microstocks: looking for inspiration

Any photographer who takes pictures for microstocks, sooner or later confronted with the fact that the work is not. It seems the time is, and doesn’t distract anybody, and I want really want to, but there it was: in my head no idea.

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A few tips on the organization of work with videos that will help to curb the unruly Muse, and to make working with photostocks does not slip, and brought the result:

1. It is no secret that in any business there is work that we love and are unloved part of it. Such «unloved» parts of the work can slow down the process and you need to figure out a way that will help you to make them from their enemies supporters. Someone helps to do a small part of the least favorite work in small parts on a schedule – every day or two to three times a week, start the day with, what’s not to like: if we did that, what’s not to like, favorite pastime will be the reward. Finally, part of the routine work can be shifted to helpers.

2. Working on new ideas, and ideas, do not forget about the old ones. It is important not to have captured or drawn material gathering dust in the back of your hard disk: in this work, invested the time and effort. If you clean up debris more or less uniformly, all that you have planned (and like now) comes to micro flows. If postpone the matter indefinitely and work may stop liking you, and laziness can be overcome.

3. Map out your shoot. In order not to miss any ideas that come to mind, plan the shot in advance, making a brief description of each keyframe. Of course, something will come to mind and while shooting, but without planning something you will definitely forget. The same applies to the props: make a list and prepare everything in advance.

4. Catch ideas. A good idea may come to mind when you are riding in the bus, or in the shower, or in a boring meeting. Thought of something interesting – be sure to write down. Will consider and finalize the idea then when it comes time, but write down, if possible, immediately. Set up for this purpose, a small Notepad, or use the recorder in your phone is important to you then definitely read or listened to his sketches.

And what if nothing comes up?

With this condition are encountered, probably every microstocker. We have come up with something interesting, but no ideas. Here are some tips that can help to overcome such a stupor.

  • To look for inspiration. Good ideas can be everywhere: in your other photos (not necessarily advertising, see, for example, the old guides that go with you on vacation last year). Disassemble mail, check the Spam / junk folder. We all don’t like advertising – but the language of advertisements is often very imaginative and can touch up on an interesting idea. Flip through albums of reproductions, and imagine that you shoot a boring Cup of coffee is not in black and Magenta, like in this picture (and it doesn’t matter what the picture of coffee and a vase of flowers).
  • Try to come up with five or six unusual applications for any of the subject, which will caught your eye. For example, the handle. Could be used instead of legs for a small table? Or instead of a water pistol (idea: stick, shooting – but not with water and oil, for example – in the hand of the oil industry. Or coins. Or wine.). And what are the disadvantages of a pen? It is plastic, breaks easily (idea: a man’s arm, breaking the handle). Some of the ideas seem frankly stupid – so let them! Sooner or later you would think something really interesting.
  • Do not panic and try to shoot some simple idea, even something that seems very trivial. An idea can come during shooting, and the right moment. And even if not – we’re not happy create will be tomorrow and the day after. Such a recording may help the brain to «log in» to a working state, and produce some really valuable ideas. Often under such a stupor hide laziness and fatigue.

Finally, if anything does not occur, make a list of ideas that are always in demand (wedding, business, success, parenting…) and to think about how to Express your idea with the help of any object. As with a ballpoint pen to Express the idea of earning money? And pregnancy? And nostalgia? Sure you already thought of two or three good ideas.

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