How to win in Avataria in racing cars and surfing

Racing surfboards or car can bring an extra silver, but that’s only if you win. If win fails, you will lose some energy, so it is not surprising that being a loser does not want. When composing tactics, you can rely on your intuition and try to match all the previous as their combinations, and combinations of opponents.

Как в Аватарии выиграть в гонках на машинах и серфах

How to win in Avataria in racing cars

Racing cars is a very popular sport in the game. To participate you need to first purchase a car and place it in your home. Continue to offer one of the players to make the race (just click on the character and select «race»). Don’t forget that «ride» in the game can offer and your avatar, you can either agree or refuse. Remember that the race requires energy (30 units), it can be purchased in the canyon for gold.

So, once your call «race» is passed, in 90 seconds arrange the objects for the opponent so that he could not guess your hand (at the same time, the other player puts the combination for you). Next, arrange the combination for themselves (guess what you to prepare your opposition). Wins the one who guesses more combinations and, accordingly, will score more points (for the right answer you will be given 25 points for a miss — will be deducted 5). The winner to receive 10 energy points and 125 silver.

To win, the best thing for the enemy to create a combination to either two accelerations or two obstacles followed each other, with the combination selected was between the remaining two the same combinations. UFO — at its discretion. Example: UFO — barrier — acceleration — acceleration — barrier.

For yourself match so that «UFO» was between either two «catch» or two «maneuver». Example: maneuver — maneuver — catch — UFO — catch.

In Avataria to win in races on surfboards

The principle of races on surfboards similar to racing cars. That is, you also need to offer players a ride to go surfing, and when you consent to create a combination for him and to try to guess which combinations will be the enemy for you. It is believed that the most successful are the combinations for the opponent and for yourself, where tactics are repeated twice. For example, for the enemy you can make a bonus — bonus — barrier — barrier — portaland — catch — catch — Dodge — Dodge — portal.

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