Jump rope – best friend

A healthy lifestyle gives us positive mood, health and, of course, the beauty of the body. The sport offers a huge number of methods. Jump rope is good helper to achieve the desired goal.


Make a jump rope your best friend – and she will not fail you. It will help to burn extra calories, strengthen the cardiovascular system, flush out cellulite, to develop endurance, to acquire the Royal posture. Because jump ropes are not shy even professional boxers-heavyweights that use it on their workouts to develop speed of reaction and coordination of movements. Jump rope is a mini – simulator, but with more efficiency.

The special value of jumping rope is that in the training process, besides feet, actively involve muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle. Many «aged» women would be happy with this wonderful rope to reduce the laxity of the triceps of the shoulder and cause the muscles of the arms in order.

You can start practicing at any moment, regardless of the time of year and time of day – just to get up from the couch. The occupation is fascinating and exciting: it is possible to jump both on two and on one leg; rotating a skipping rope forward and back; twice to scroll through it all in one jump. It all depends on the imagination of the novice fighter for slender and healthy body. But in order to achieve slimness and grace, you need to engage systematically.

As every long journey begins with a single step, and the friendship with a rope begins with a few jumps. Ideal – if you can jump continuously for half an hour, and then 350 calories will disappear by themselves. Choose a attractive rope-girlfriend: bright, with a built-in counter jumping or calories burned matching your height.

While jumping you need to insure: the chest should be in a fixed position and do not feel the vibrations. With the large size of this attractive part of the female body, in addition to the bra, you need to use elastic thread. Jumps should be soft and light, landing only on the toes, heels also in no case should not touch the floor.

Physiologists recognize that exercises with a rope almost equal to the run: the same effect of enriching blood with oxygen, burning calories and training muscle. Psychologists say emotional effect. At the beginning of lessons need to be prepared for the fact that during the first three minutes the body will have to work in anaerobic (lack of oxygen) and there state as when running at maximum speed.

Suppose you do not reach the world record (162 jumps in 30 seconds), but from the «orange peel» cellulite skin on thighs and buttocks, inherent in many women, get rid of exactly.

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