Signs of a pathological liar

People are often faced with a term such as pathology. Psychiatry has a large number of deviations, one of them is Munchausen syndrome. You must learn to recognize such people. False — the scourge of our time.


The syndrome of Baron Munchausen: do you ever not heard about this? The name of a literary character most people causes only positive emotions. What about real people? Meeting similar person clearly will not deliver huge pleasure.

What is pathological lying and how to distinguish?

Liars love for its benefits to tell stories. Some people prefer this way to win your credibility. Why not? Allow me to flatter or to tell an interesting story, and no one will guess that it was invented by a liar on the go. Is it possible to catch the lies of such a person? Of course, it is not difficult. Only here you will be very unpleasant, as the situation can turn against you.

A regular liar knows that telling the truth, but that’s not always remember the details of stories that he regularly voiced. An entirely different matter pathological liars who come up with their own castles in the air and, in fact, living in a dream world. Under the guise of the revelations they present are always intriguing stories that cause a lot of emotions.

Every person life need an adventure, except that if the facts don’t add up – this detail is very alarming. You automatically start to ponder what that means, and eventually come to thoughts: lie to me. A close friendship with a person suffering from Munchausen syndrome, can be a real psychological trauma for the person who still dare to such a desperate act. Reality absolutely is not docked with the reality, and it starts to scare you.

Signs of a pathological liar

Special attention should be paid to the signs that will help you to easily calculate the liar:

the same event each time shown from a different perspective, appear all new and new details. The interlocutor starts to be confused in the names, events and details;

people lied, but the small things. He can, supposedly not on purpose, to call different cities, to confuse the chronology of events, etc.;

if in your lies of a pathological liar sees nothing wrong, he did not committed even to admit it;

a liar is constantly getting away from me. It will be until the last moment to get out and try to come up with a new lie, any other plausible excuse. Only here the interlocutor would not be able to believe, since man was able to show its true face;

a liar does not hesitate to lie about a serious illness of their loved ones, he can tell bad things about your mutual friend.

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