The image of a Geek chick, or Intelligence against sex

Sexuality goes out of fashion, welcome intelligent way. Women propose to wear layered and minimalist clothes, glasses.


Survived, we have again no sex! Sexuality in the clothes goes out of fashion, though still in the province not losing positions. Down with stilettos, plunging necklines and skirts, leaving no room for imagination! The latest trend — geek chick, «geek» chic for young otlichnitsa. Tina Kandelaki, a self-proclaimed style icon, leaves the iconostasis, the unknown girl with glasses and a book under her arm. Or rather, would have taken, but it was ahead of Ksenia Sobchak.

Surprisingly, it is omnipresent Xenia first picked up the banner and glasses. The glasses narrow in rim — now the same must-have accessory, as in the recent past, Bottega Veneta bag, or a small dog. In glasses appeared former top model Helena Christensen, cate Blanchett, Sharon stone, Katie Holmes and even Lindsay Lohan, which by then smarter to look did not become. Officially Xenia explained that she needed glasses to see better, but who would believe that she has vision problems? The lionesses sight, sound and instinct developed well, especially in the secular. Otherwise they would be eaten by other predators. In principle, poor eyesight makes a person defenseless. As the Joker would say to Batman (the Joker, played by Jack Nicholson): «will you be able to hit a man with glasses?» Ksenia Sobchak and without glasses hardly anyone would dare to hurt you, she hurt anyone! So her glasses show not about insecurity, but rather of increased risk — as a picture on the hood spectacled Cobra. But if it was restricted to glasses! Xenia now and dresses in full compliance with the new: the t-shirt that says any of declarative content, strict jacket, finally, pushkarevskoe knitted beret hat, in which yesterday’s high priestess of glamour appeared at the press conference of the literary prize «curiosities».

On the catwalks antisexuality has acquired a conceptual character. Enthusiastic critics have proclaimed a new trend: minimalism! However, this is not the blatant minimalism to which we have become accustomed over the last couple of years — a minimum of clothing, and new minimalism — a minimum of the body. In new York, Calvin Klein, Alexandre Herchovitch, Marc Jacobs together dressed their models in thick tights and dresses, covers, throwing on top of the orphan’s sweatshirts. In Milan, Dolce&Gabbanaвывели to the podium the student of the biology Department in the plaid skirt of the forgotten — MIDI length, boots and kerchief. In Paris, a Gothic ballerina of the last century by Alexander McQueen give birth to all sorts of fantasies, just not sexual.

But it is the mainstream, and fashion brand intelligent from intelligent designers. As, however, all intelligent. Where the mind, there is not to the flesh. The intellectuals go in the Japanese and Belgians. Comme des Garcons, Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten is not just incase the woman in the case — it would be too easy, they deconstruct the female body with clothes, in which it is difficult to accurately determine where the sleeve, and where the pant leg. This, in fact, is intellectualism: to find out how to properly put on, need real intelligence. If sexy apparel is designed to emphasize the dignity, the intellectual hide flaws. Crooked legs, thin arms, protruding belly, small Breasts, large Breasts, wide hips, narrow thighs — it won’t be just disguised, and buried somewhere in the depths of multi-layered objects that don’t fit the simple definition like «dresses» or «skirts».

Question of the day: how to impress men and, more importantly, what? Intelligence? God, but he’s never in demand — in contrast to the long legs and the impressive size of the breast. Probably have to live without male attention until next season when the trend will change and will return to us eternal feminine values, and the mind again may be hidden.

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