Tambov ham

Тамбовский окорок

Many fans of the domestic meat products have long refused to purchase the delicacies and cook them at home because of the desire to make meals more natural, freeing them from different types of stabilizers and flavor enhancers. If you are also fans of homemade products that meeting these recipes Tambov ham will be a real boon for you.

Tambov ham at home — recipe

Though such a ham and will not smell of smoke as the factory (incidentally, by adding liquid smoke), but it will still be very tasty and flavorful, and the taste and aroma you will be able to vary at its discretion.


  • pork ham — 1.6 kg;
  • horseradish — 45 g;
  • juniper berries — 1 tsp.;
  • leaf Laurel — 2 pieces;
  • teeth of garlic — 5 PCs.


In a mortar mash a couple of tablespoons of salt with half a tablespoon of peppercorns, juniper berries and Laurel. Mix spices with horseradish and dilute with a liter of hot water. Leave the brine to cool. Cleaning ham, make a few deep incisions in each, place the cloves of garlic. Put the ham in the brine (the water should cover it, you may want to add) and cover with plastic film, then leave in the cold all night. Prolepsis ham Pat dry, wrap with parchment paper and a double sheet of foil. In this recipe Tambov ham meat must first bake at 220 degrees for 20 minutes, then another hour and a half at 180 degrees and in the finale, after removing the foil with the paper, 15 minutes at the top level until Browning.

How to cook ham Tambov GOST — prescription

At home you can even follow the recipes for the production of hams. Some of the stages of cooking will have to miss due to the lack of special manufacturing equipment, but even cooking with correct temperature in the normal pan will allow you to get a decent output.


  • nitrite salt — 30 g;
  • pork ham — 1.1 kg;
  • sugar — 10 g;
  • water — 420 ml.


Prepare a mixture of a nitrite salt in warm water with sugar. About a quarter of the obtained brine saspringta meat, and pour the rest of the piece. Promarinovatsya leave the pork to cool for two days, over time, drain the liquid and allow the meat to rest up for another 3 days. Next, rinse the ham and Pat dry, if desired, tie it to secure the desired form, and send to boil at 80 degrees for 70 minutes. When the meat is ready pour over ice water to stop the cooking process, and then the final and completely cool before cutting.

Recipe Silverside in Tambov at home

Ready to home product has not lost its juiciness, be sure to pick the correct piece of meat. A good ham will work from a piece of stout with at least one of the parties. The fat will melt under the heat of the oven and leave the most juicy piece.


  • pork tailgate — 1.2 kg;
  • garlic — 6 Zubkov;
  • Тамбовский окорок

  • Bay leaves — 3 PCs.;
  • adjika spicy — 25 g.


Ham friendly and cleaning it, RUB the meat with salt and nashpiguyte garlic crushed with leaves of Laurel. Over the entire surface of the ham RUB adzhikoy. Leave the piece to promarinovatsya all night, and then boil it about two hours, not forgetting to remove the litter from the surface. Boiled ham, place in oven (190 degrees) for 40 minutes. After baking and bringing to full readiness, refrigerate the meat and only then proceed to slicing and tasting.


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