What does lutrasilom (spunbond) 17, 30, 60

Often gardeners meet the definitions of «lutrasilom No. 17», «spunbond No. 30», «agril No. 60». What do the numbers mean?

Укрыные материалы бывают белые и темные

The lutrasilom, Spunbond, Agril, and Agrosan, Agrosup, Agroteks — is the name brand non-woven covering materials used in agriculture and in suburban areas.

These covering materials are similar as for the method of application and the chemical composition and properties. They are produced from polypropylene Spunbond technology (molten polymers spunbond method) and differ little from each other.

Materials are classified by density and color. The unit of density is the specific weight of the material. For example, the lutrasilom No. 17 a density of 17 grams per 1 square meter. The denser the tissue, the greater its weight in terms of sq. m. for Example, spunbond No. 60 has a density of 60 g/ sqm

Thin the lutrasilom No. 17 has excellent light output (ignores 80% of the sunlight) and is used for light-loving plants, protect from frost below -3oC. In addition, it is lightweight, and can easily shelter the tender shoots without risk to mash them. Due to these qualities a thin spunbond used from April through to harvest, including for protection against pests such as onion fly, cabbage, cruciferous flea.

The lutrasilom No. 30 (30 g/ sq. m.) a little thicker, it can be used not only to cover the seedlings in the beds, but also to create tunnel greenhouses. This material will protect against frost -5 ° C, and from hail and wind. He misses 65% of sunlight and can be used for summer shading of the plants in strong heat.

Similar to the previous properties the lutrasilom No. 42.

The lutrasilom density of 60 g/ sq m. quite dense and is great for covering hotbeds and greenhouses. It protects the plants from wind and frost to -10ºc. It is usually used to protect plants for the winter and cover the earth with a long snowless period.

Spunbond 60 g/ sq. m black color is usually used for mulching of the soil, which significantly reduces the number of weeds. Cultivated plants are planted in the slits on the surface of the material. They are quite comfortable, since the cover creates a high humidity in the soil, retains heat, and suppresses competition from weeds.

All kinds of spunbond, white and black, perfectly absorb moisture, so watering produce, without removing the cover. It is very convenient, especially for mulching materials.

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