Take into account the error in swordplay plants

Strong seedlings – the key to a good harvest and abundant flowering. Her swordplay is necessary in order to give the seedlings a chance to live. Weak, on the contrary, are discarded. If swordplay done right, the plant dies or is far behind in development.

Учитываем ошибки при пикировке растений


1. Do not forget to prepare seedlings to nose dive. To do this the day before your procedure pour it to the earth was wet. It will be easier to pull the seedlings.

2. The roots when planting in a new pot does not tuck in, pinch out the tip. This will cause the plant to let the adventitious roots that will accelerate the uptake of micronutrients from the soil. So, quickly go to the growth. The exception to this is the peppers that do not dive and do not bury cotyledon leaves.

3. After the transplant, watering less often but more. If the pots are on the window sill, cover them from the sun. For example, attach the paper to the glass so that direct rays do not touch your seedlings.

4. After picking many use growth stimulants for their roots. It contained trace elements well will act on the plant during the period of adaptation.

5. Weak, thin and damaged sprouts dive. Choose from a variety of only strong, healthy seedlings. Weak plants will not survive the swordplay will die. If seeds of rare or small in quantity, it is better to grow them in separate pots.

6. The pick of plants – the process is quite stressful even for humans. It is necessary not only to pull sprouts from the ground with maniacal care, so as not to damage, but it is undesirable for them to touch these leaves. Only those who came first – the cotyledon.

7. The pick of plants is also convenient in case of lack of space for planting. After initially planting the seeds together, and then only the strong transplanted separately. Imagine if you decided to plant all the seeds separately. You may only plant one packet of seeds, and professionals didn’t miss a trick.

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