Why microstocker know English

One of the key skills necessary for the photographer and the Illustrator on the microstocks anywhere is English. Without a decent level of English to successfully work with microstocks difficult, and here’s why.

Зачем микростокеру знать английский язык

Not all interfaces of the videos available in several languages. Often also the interface in Russian and translated, but we should read and understand what was trying to say this «translation» is very difficult.

It is difficult to quickly and efficiently respond to microstock life: the correspondence with the administration, and the competitions that regularly hold the stock, and filling out tax forms, and learning the many rules and loopholes that you need to know for a successful life on the microstocks, and much more. Without English it all becomes more complex.

Perhaps most importantly, the need to attribute their work: to choose and enter title, description, and also pick up keywords. This is important because it is a keyword of work looking for customers, and similar names are, including the way in which the inspectors are «caught» the same type of files.

Finally, we not only work, but also learn. A huge number of learning materials written in English.

But not so scary. Even if English you have a long and well forgotten, you can gradually learn it, carefully translating key words and names. To understand the same tax form and limits download is also easy, just need a little perseverance.

What to do if you English to «you», and to sell your photos on microstocks want?

· Use multi-language interface, where it is, but be sure to check all of the categories and labels that seem strange. Most often the reason for the «strangeness» is an incorrect translation.

· You should purchase a good English-Russian dictionary and pick up services that will help facilitate the translation of key words into English. Online dictionaries not only help translate the right words, but have forums where you can ask a question and you can help.

· Use the services on the selection of keywords. They have both free and paid, offered by stock. For example, Shutterstock has the function of automatic selection of key words: type one or more words in the special tab and the search returns multiple photos that it deems similar. Select three or more matching pictures of ticks – and the system will select for you the keywords that need to be easy to check.

· And of course, try to remember at least a few of the most common words in your topic and gradually attributevalue photos will be much easier.

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