How to make beautiful beads for jewelry

So beautiful and fashionable dress, do not need to have a large number of things. Creating with your own hands your own designer jewelry, you can even simple in addition to give an original look and be at the forefront of fashion.



1. To make beautiful beads for jewelry made of wool, tear off a small piece of wool and roll it into a ball. Wet the wool with water and soap and roll it between the palms. Once the ball starts to fall, add to it a lock of wool, if you need a larger bead. And continue to roll the bead between your palms.
As soon as it is fully matted and will become dense, rinse it under warm running water and drain on a soft towel.

2. To make the decoration of beads, you will need a hole. If you will be stringing beads on a thin line, just pierce them with a needle. If you want a wider hole, by wet bead puncture needle for knitting the required size. After bead dries, pull out the needle and use a bead to create jewelry.


3. The finished beads can be decorated with different materials. For example, to embroider with beads, to sew the thin strip of lace. If you drive a needle for dry felting fiber silk or acrylic, to get the original bead. Having passed through such a thick bead cord, you will receive one or more beads are very eye-catching decoration. Its also very easy and quick to do with their hands.


4. There are ways to speed up the process of creating beads for jewelry. Roll some beads to a dense state. Putting them on pupyrchatuyu film, roll them simultaneously, pressing his hand. On hand put the glove back of the cellophane. So the process will go much faster.

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