Time to lose weight

Overweight worries many people. Causes of fullness many. Approach to weight loss individual. The main thing is not to despair. Consistency and perseverance will definitely lead to the desired result.


First of all, you need to understand, to find out the reason of completeness, and only then, knowing the truth, you can begin to reduce weight.

«Unnecessary» legacy. It often happens that a predisposition to excessive weight inherited. Especially if the parent has excess weight, then most likely, your problem appeared already in childhood. The tendency to excessive obesity occurs due to improper and unhealthy diet in childhood. In this situation, we need healthy diets to reduce consumption of foods high in calories and a mandatory increase in power loads.

Bore – and «scored». Most women gain weight after childbirth. Pregnancy in most cases is accompanied by an increase of body weight gained pounds in this case is a normal process and get rid of them immediately after birth is difficult, especially if your child is still small, and you feed him breast. Hormones in lactating women prevent weight loss. Therefore, the weight will gradually decrease six months after the end of the breastfeeding period.

Depression. Weight gain due to increased appetite happens on the background of psycho – emotional stress kind of reaction some people in depression. Jump the hormonal balance in response to mental load and this contributes to the deposition of extra fat, even if diet is observed. In this situation, most importantly, to heal their emotional state.

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