Effective ways to care for your hair with different oils

The healing properties of natural remedies for hair care known for a long time. A special place is occupied by oil. Each of them has its own unique property. This is an affordable and effective way to make your hair more healthy and beautiful.


No one will argue with the fact that the beauty of the girls mostly dependent on daily care. First and foremost is the care of hair. Today, there are a lot of drugs of chemical origin for hair. But increasingly beauty call old folk remedies used by mothers and grandmothers.

Girls inspired by the excellent results of the previous generation and myself and wish to instill a habit to use only natural shampoos, oils and masks, their hair was every day more and more beautiful.

Special attention was drawn oil. What better to use for hair care?

If you decide to try oil as part of masks or in pure form to improve the condition of your hair, you need to know a few subtleties.

By its nature hair framed a thin protective layer of fat, if they begin to break, split and become dry, oil — the most faithful companion for such hair.

Oil may have common properties and specific. That is, you can choose oils according to your hair, or just improve them.

Very useful to use oil together with the juice of some fruit, or other ingredients in the mask, but if you just RUB into the scalp, massaging, it will also give quite high efficiency.

Castor oil is popular not only in medicine but also in cosmetology. Most often it is used to speed up hair growth and strengthen them. A very effective way. Although it is quite thick, washes off easily.

Coconut oil is best to use the ones with dry hair, it nourishes them, gives them elasticity, Shine and enhances natural features.

Regular olive oil can be mixed with other (quite literally a couple of tablespoons — and you have strong and healthy hair).

Burdock oil is very good for the ends, therefore, a little heat, should be applied only on the hair itself, without touching the root. If the hair root greasy and the ends dry, split, burdock oil is something that will come to the rescue and save your beauty.

Oil fruit seeds can be bought in any store of natural cosmetics. They are very different in their properties therefore it is necessary to consult with the sellers and choose to your preference. But they are effective enough and in any case will improve and healthier hair.

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