How to make thin hair fuller: 10 effective recommendations

Owners fine or damaged hair often can only observe the lush curls of the girls in the ad and its collect in a bun or ponytail, as to give them volume and aesthetic appearance is not so simple. However, do not despair.


Thin hair can look beautiful and tidy, just a little effort and use a good modern and folk remedies.

Here are a few tips that you may find useful

Avoid hair bleaching. If you color the hair yourself, try the home use of professional stamps. Usually they are sold in special shops, where you can also get advice on application of products.

There is a very effective procedure called painting without paint. It thickens hair, makes it more obedient as when painting, but not used pigments, the color of the hair remains natural.

Try to do hair lamination. This procedure is performed in the salon or on your own. In self-lamination carefully read the instructions.

Dry your hair in the mode of submission of cold air or with a protective styling products.

To create a root volume, use hairspray. Spray it from a distance of 30 cm.

Use herbal teas for rinsing your hair. Add to the water which you wash your hair, a little baking soda or lemon. If your hair is oily, wash them in mild shampoo as needed. You can choose baby shampoo: it is safe, does not weigh down hair.

Regularly visit your hairdresser for trimming my hair. Thinning the tips — it’s not just unkempt overall look, but also a small amount of your hair.

You should not cut your hair short in the hope that they will gain volume. This method will help you to do the styling, and then not always. It is much easier to cope with thin hair medium length than short.

Try to make a gentle Perm — if you go curls, it will be a great way to add volume. If you do not want to affect hair styling products, use modern soft curlers — they are very comfortable to sleep, in the morning your hairstyle is almost ready.

Do firming masks, home remedies effective gelatin.

Use these tips, and your hair will pleasantly surprise you!

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