Sexual development

The clock is ticking. Our children grow up. New problems in the education of adolescents. A special place is sexual development. It is important for parents to explain to the children everything that happens in this period.


At the age of 11-13 years in girls and boys begins the most difficult process in the body – genital. During this period, it is possible to note significant changes in the body. The girls begin to grow Breasts, thereby separating and rounding off the chest. In the axillary and inguinal areas appear first hair. Begins menstruation.

The boys meanwhile, the voice turns from Alto to bass, and young children’s facial features are transformed into more manly. The emission takes place. Developing the scalp of the body. And at the same time in both sexes has thoughts about sexual relations.

In this case, our children become young men and women. In other words they can be called teenagers. And many of them not only think, but want to put their thoughts into action, into reality. All adults understand than can end sexual relations between adolescents. And the main task of the parents and adults at this stage is how to explain these physical changes, and relationships.

To be a boy, it would seem, is much easier than a girl. But it is not! Young boys, in which blood «boils in my veins», they are full of energy and eager to explore the unknown, it is very difficult to explain the situation and the consequences that can lie in wait at this stage. In this period all the feelings and thoughts are not the conversations and effects, and the fact that there lurks ahead for these obvious changes.

But every father should have a serious talk with his son, to explain that a sexual relationship is not just the fusion of two bodies and flesh, but also romantic feelings, love, experienced by both genders to each other. And they must not be tainted and smeared by the moment of lust. As a teenager we need to cultivate a responsibility for the opposite sex.

As for girls, here in the battle of take my mother, sister and grandmother. Grandma, incidentally, is a clear example of purity and spirituality in the relationship between man and woman. For centuries, a girl was considered a noble bride, if she was chaste and retain their virginity and honor before her marriage. Of course, every girl in childhood dream to become a mother. But all the time!

The beginning of The menstrual cycle the girl is only an indication that she is ripening for his future dream, but not yet ready to be a mom. If she doesn’t, then what does that make abortion? Mother must tell her daughter what effects can occur if you have an abortion. This is a different disease, change of fat metabolism and the worst thing is that the dream daughter may never be performed (infertility). So girl I won’t spoil the only thing given to her to certain men. All in good time!

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