Hypnosis for weight loss: video and audio sessions Dombrowski

Since ancient times mankind tries to unravel the mysteries of the subconscious. The intuitive suggestion is widely used in the fight against alcohol, drugs, nicotine addiction. With the help of hypnosis for weight loss, you can overcome the desire for uncontrolled eating. It is important to understand that any weight loss method is aimed at complete recovery of the body, in which the main role is played by the desire of the people to change their way of life.

How does weight loss through hypnosis

Overweight is a frequent phenomenon serious psychological problems, when food becomes for him a source of pleasure, calm. Often defeat such passion for food is simply unrealistic. In such cases, to lose weight using hypnosis for weight loss as an effective management tool subconscious. By suggestion, the people gradually selected from a vicious food cycle. Every technique of hypnosis facilitate the perception of consciousness of the process of weight loss.

Dynamic meditation H.Sheremetyeva, a mindset for positive thinking C. Hepburn, Ericksonian hypnosis for weight loss, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are the basis of hypnosis used to establish partnerships between hypnologo and the patient, in the process of «ripening» which clarified the causes of obesity. Installation on losing weight regulates most importantly – hunger. Feature of hypnosis is the emergence of positive emotions, even before any external changes.


Coding for weight-loss uses a combination of techniques several techniques. Videos with subthreshold and duplicate hypnosedatives affect the subconscious of the viewer by using the encoding built-in scale, character images, NLP. View such stimulants necessary in the presence of a skilled. It is well known the effect of 25 fps in different areas of life. The results in this area do not always bear a positive burden on the human mind.


The method of use of the audio affects the subconscious mind Ericksonian hypnosis used to change perception and physiological processes of the accumulation of fat. The program addresses the cause of excess weight and on an unconscious level improves metabolic processes in the human body. High efficiency of this technique is due to the fact that 99% of people who took the course, have achieved significant results. Audiolibros completely harmless. Free and safe weight loss with this method guaranteed.


Independently use a hypnotic effect is not desirable, but it is well to regulate your appetite it is possible, using the techniques of affirmations – self-hypnosis for weight loss, based on the conversation with his own subconscious. The repetition of one plant to a certain number of times will cause the subconscious mind will begin to perceive it as their own. In the process of self-hypnosis is recommended to observe in order to determine the origins of the emergence of excess weight.

Video hypnosis from Dmitry Dombrovsky

Get rid of extra pounds safely and quickly is a dream of every owner of a good appetite. Weight loss is often difficult intuitively. The presence of psychological «damages» prevents a man returning to a normal existence, does not allow him to cope with problem figure. In these cases come to the rescue of different techniques of subconscious suggestion.

With their help, you can zakodirovatsia from obesity. Hypnosis for weight loss eliminated the original causes of weight gain, there is a programming of physiological structures of the body at an accelerated metabolism, reduce hunger, system recovery of the organism. Visually learn how to lose weight in a week without dieting, the time and effort you can out the video below.

Reviews on weight loss hypnosis

Elena, 25 years: Start to use the technique of self-hypnosis in order to shed those extra 5 lbs. Regular «conversation» with me helped for 2 weeks to lose weight. Learned not to worry about little things and fight with the depression without food.

Allen, 38 years: the Uncontrolled eating sweets has led to the emergence of excess weight. To overcome a passion for overeating with the help of autohipnoza. The sessions are listened to every day during the month, after completion of the course did not want sweets, was drawn to healthy food. For 3 months managed to lose 20 kg.

Olga, 40 years: Excess weight appeared after the appearance of 2 children. Pregnancy and childbirth have taken a lot of stress and, probably, on this background there was a failure in the body. Sessions with a psychologist, using the techniques of Erickson, surpassed all expectations. As a result of minus 18 pounds in 2 months.

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