Hellebore Caucasian slimming: how to apply the grass

A plant of the family Ranunculaceae – hellebore, or winter – is not only a decorative function, as evidenced by the photos. It has many useful properties, but is very poisonous. Active substances of a plant contribute to the excretion of toxins. Due to this, the Caucasian hellebore slimming has become very popular. It can cure a number of diseases and to establish internal systems, however, people need to be very careful with the dosage so as not to harm yourself.

Composition and useful properties of a hellebore Caucasian

The value of a plant is determined by its chemical composition. Hellebore Caucasian contains glycosides, alkaloids, vitamins, essential oils, saponins, coumarins. The main active component cardiac glycosides remain. They are beneficial for human body for hypertension, cardiosclerosis, lesions of the heart valves and Central nervous system. The flavonoid glycosides strengthen small blood vessels and prevent internal hemorrhage. Saponins are also glycosides, their effect is to lower blood pressure.

Most nutrients concentration in roots of plants. Hellebore Caucasian folk remedy for total body cleansing from harmful substances that cause illness and hamper the functioning of its vital systems. In addition, the hellebore:

  • reduces the level of sugar in the blood;
  • helps in pyelonephritis;
  • in combination with other substances eliminates kidney stones;
  • normalizes the gall bladder, liver, intestine, reproductive system;
  • helps to get rid of diseases of the musculoskeletal system: rheumatism, osteochondrosis, arthritis, gout;
  • struggling with tumors;
  • treating diseases of the respiratory organs – tuberculosis, acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • relieves headaches caused by injuries or concussion.

Does the herb hellebore to lose weight

What herbs should you drink to lose weight? People’s trust won Wintergreen, marmaria, Garcinia. They are sold in the pharmacy, not only in fees but also in tablets, which facilitates the reception. Herb slimming Caucasian hellebore is also very well established. It gently acts directly on the intestine and the bladder, removing accumulated fecal matter and excess water together with harmful substances. Due to this, there is a gradual decrease of the body weight.

The process of cleansing the Caucasian hellebore takes more than one day. Some weight loss lasts 2-3 months, others about a year or more. Especially will be a long process, if the body has accumulated toxins. Caucasian hellebore is not a panacea. For weight loss you will need to eat small portions, balanced diet, stay hydrated, stick to the instructions for use.

How to take slimming: manual

The main safety rule when losing weight – follow a dosage, do not increase the amount of grass. So you will cause yourself harm. Caucasian hellebore for effective weight loss should be taken only in the morning, then the result will please you. If you use the method in the evening, the grass will not work, because between its reception and consumption of food need to be active. How to lose weight using herbs? Choose for yourself one of the forms of hellebore Caucasian and follow the instructions.

In the form of infusion

Pharmacy tincture of hellebore for weight loss should take 3 drops daily with a little water (in the morning on an empty stomach). Every 10 days, increase the dose to 3 drops. The maximum amount of funds – 12 drops, if you drink more, it will have a negative impact. For all presentations: the first – half of this dose. After several hours refrain from food. Watch your health: if you develop a rash, malaise, dizziness, heart palpitations, it is necessary to abandon the Caucasian hellebore slimming.

Infusion can be done independently:

  1. In the evening pour the Caucasian hellebore (the number is on the tip of a knife) 50-70 ml of warm boiled water. In the morning drink the entire amount.
  2. Quick recipe: Caucasian hellebore on the tip of a knife pour 50 ml of boiling water. Leave the infusion on the third hour, then you can immediately drink it.

Take tincture is necessary in a specific pattern. The first 10 days to drink in the amounts outlined above. In the second decade to increase the number twice. In the next 10 days to the volume of hellebore tincture, add another half of the original volume. The maximum amount is 200 ml. Men and women needs to continue therapy to achieve the desired effect, but not more than 6 months in a row. Then you should take a break for a month and resume the course.

Dry powder

In specialty stores sold ground root of hellebore for weight loss, which allows a person to improve health and remove excess weight without spending time on preparing the infusion. The powder is placed on the root of the tongue and washed down with water. If it is difficult to swallow, rabbanite hellebore in a small amount of water and drink. Initial dose volume the size of a match head. Gradually increase the amount until the special scoops (it is sold together with powder). Duration of treatment individually, depending on the speed of weight loss.

Mix the extract with honey

Are you interested in how people get rid of extra pounds with the help of honey and hellebore? You need to mix the crushed roots with 1 tsp of liquid honey. Eat the mixture at night before bedtime, preferably at 22.00-23.00. After a few techniques you will notice that the chair was normalized and occurs in the morning. Method helps to strengthen the bowel, cleanse the liver and blood.

Are there side effects and contraindications

Caucasian hellebore should not be taken during:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • lactation;
  • the childbearing;
  • sensitivity to glycosides;
  • arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • ischemia, endocarditis;
  • large stones (7 cm) in the gallbladder;
  • atrioventricular blockade.

Unsupervised use of the Caucasian hellebore can cause severe poisoning, which is sometimes accompanied by coma or even death. Symptoms of poisoning:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness;
  • numbness of limbs and tongue;
  • burning in the mouth;
  • cramps;
  • insomnia;
  • lack of appetite;
  • nonsense;
  • respiratory changes;
  • dilated pupils;
  • heart palpitations.

Reviews about the weight-loss results

Natalia, 37 years: I saw Caucasian hellebore for 7 months, to my happiness, gone for 18 pounds! Weight then long hold. My only mistake was drinking anyhow, so picked up the pancreas. I think that hellebore is a wonderful way to lose weight, you just have to be very careful to monitor their feelings and to adhere to the instructions.

Arina, 25 years: it is Strictly against the hellebore! I have a friend so decided to lose weight. Apparently, the wrong dosage, and what happened to the wild disorder of the Central nervous system became paralyzed. Only after 1.5 years it recovered and began to walk, to move, and then the layer lay. Think 10 times before to incur such a risk.

Rita, 42 years: When I started to drink the Caucasian hellebore, felt awful. Green skin, pain in the liver, the intestine was boiling, and the urine had a horrible smell. Two weeks later, all gone, the weight started to leave, I had more energy and strength. Even the pain in his back, which troubled many years. Drinking hellebore for weight loss 6 months, pleased with the results.

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