Herbal tea for weight loss: best herbal Altai and Santimin

No wonder in our country tea has become one of the most popular drinks, because it not only gives a pleasant taste, but also has a number of useful features that positively affect our health. It is logical that this drink became the basis of one of the ways to reduce weight. The use of herbal tea for weight loss is high concentrations of nutrients, especially the effects on the intestines. In addition, for lovers of the drink there are many flavours: chamomile, Jasmine, ginger, mint, etc.

How to choose herbal tea for weight loss

Quality herbal slimming contains only natural components to improve the body, to the prevention of various diseases. There are many varieties of herbal tea, which differ in their composition and effect. Picking up a suitable option, note, what does this drink. Some of them act as a diuretic, while others help to remove bile from the body. If the stock is barberry, immortelle, thoroughwax, dandelion tea not suitable for those who have liver disease, kidney or gall bladder.

Most of the slimming teas can have a laxative effect on the intestines. If they have dill, buckthorn, yarrow or zhostera, this drink will help get rid of constipation and lose a few pounds. Can herbal tea for weight loss to curb your appetite that will be helpful for fans to eat at bedtime. For that, look in part marshmallow root, bladder wrack, spirulina, flax seeds. Whichever tea you choose, don’t doubt that it has the vitamins that are always needed by the body. When choosing guided by the desired properties of the drink.

Herbal Tea Altai

This variety of herbal tea is recommended to people who are trying to control their weight. Possesses laxative, diuretic, cholagogue properties, normalizes metabolism. To make the drink:

  1. Pour 1 sachet with boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes.
  2. To drink during meals 2 times a day 1 glass.
  3. The course duration is 1 month, can be repeated not earlier than after 1-2 months.

In the tea includes the following ingredients:

  • grass thoroughwax;
  • Senna leaves;
  • stigmas of maize;
  • the fruit of coriander;
  • the leaves of a plantain;
  • the mint leaves;
  • the rose hips.

Tea Flying swallow

This tool helps reduce weight by 2-4 kg in a month. You need to drink tea for 30 days but every 10 days to make a break for 5 days to avoid addiction to the drug in the body. If this is not done, then have to constantly stimulate your bowels drink, that is totally unacceptable. For the preparation of herbal tea you need:

  1. 1 sachet pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. Let stand 3 minutes.

The collection of herbs for weight loss «Flying swallow» is composed of the following substances:

  • the seeds of Cassia;
  • tea, cranberry leaves;
  • crushed licorice root;
  • pieces of coconut, pineapple;
  • small pieces of peel mandarins.


The main feature of this variety of tea – slowing down the process of transformation of carbohydrates in fatty deposits. This is possible thanks to Garcinia cambogia extract which is the main component of the drink. It has a diuretic effect, reduces appetite and improves metabolism. It is recommended to drink the herbal tea 1-2 cups per day after or with meals. Contraindicated:

  • girls during pregnancy;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • people with nervous disorders.

In the tea includes the following ingredients:

  • the extract of Garcinia cambogia;
  • green tea;
  • Senna leaf;
  • the stalks of cherries;
  • corn silk.

Chinese tea

More and more often, than in Russia, drinking tea only in China, which became the birthplace of many traditions and ceremonies of drinking the beverage. Positive effect on the body, the presence of many nutrients, vitamins, amino acids it has been observed, so Chinese slimming tea has been around for centuries. In the markets of our country they can also be found, but should carefully examine the composition and manufacturer of the product, because you can stumble on a cheap knockoff. Now the greatest demand is for two varieties of Chinese tea: «PU-Erh» and «Oolong».


This variety is considered to be the pride of China, a drink called the elixir of youth and beauty. Widely used for weight loss, which has to give up the favorite foods. Tea helps liver, pancreas heavy meal, lowers blood sugar, improves mood. Slimming recommended to drink it after eating. For cooking:

  1. Two teaspoons of herbs pour 500 ml of boiling water, immediately drain the liquid and pour again.
  2. Let steep for no more than 15-25 seconds.
  3. Drink it 1-2 times a day.

In the composition of herbal tea «Puer» are the following substances:

  • statins – reduce cholesterol;
  • alkaloids, possess tonic properties;
  • saccharides;
  • minerals;
  • some vitamins, for example, R, C, A, E;
  • aromatic substances.


Another Chinese variety of tea for losing weight with 400 years of history. Only it was used for «the Hun-Fu Cha» – tea ceremony of the highest skill. For weight loss you need to drink at least 3 cups a day before meals. The drink will help to curb your appetite, improve polyphenolic metabolism. It is important to know how to brew tea, then all the useful elements of its composition will play its part. In the composition class «Oolong tea» contains the following substances:

  • caffeine;
  • iodine;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • selenium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • vitamins C, D, E and K;
  • flavonoids.


  1. Boil the water, let it cool to 90 degrees.
  2. Rinse the teapot with boiling water twice, wipe dry.
  3. Pour tea for weight loss with the expectation of: 1 teaspoon of herbs per 1 Cup drink.
  4. Add the hot water. Cover pot, leave for 5 minutes drink.

Tea stevia

At the core of this tea for weight loss is stevia – grassy little plant emerald green. It was first discovered in South America, now successfully grown in the Crimean Peninsula. The uniqueness of stevia in that it is 30 times sweeter than sugar, and the tea from its leaves only, which has in its composition glycosides. To make the drink:

  1. You need 1 liter of boiling water 80-90 degrees, pour it to a tablespoon of leaves of herbal tea for weight loss.
  2. Allow to stand for 15 minutes.
  3. Stevia dulls the appetite, so it is better to drink before meals.

The tea includes:

  • the tannery substances, alkaloids, fiber;
  • glycosides;
  • essential oil;
  • trace elements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.);
  • oxycinnamic acid;
  • flavonoids;
  • amino acids (17 types);
  • vitamins of groups b, C, R, provitamin a;
  • spicy substances.

Tea Santimin

The basis of this tea is an herbal dietary Supplement, santimin, which helps to establish self-regulation of weight, metabolic processes, improve the organs function, to reduce weight. It also stimulates the biliary tract, kidneys, liver, intestines. Santimin herbal tea, you must drink during meals 2 times a day 200 ml (1 sachet), to infuse the drink needs at least 20 minutes. The course of diet lasts for a month. In the tea includes the following ingredients:

  • Senna;
  • chromium picolinate;
  • Garcinia cambogia;
  • guarana;
  • microcellulose.

Video: herbal tea for weight loss

Cause weight gain in most cases becomes slow metabolism, poor bowel function. For effective weight loss is recommended to reduce calorie intake and exercise, but without speeding up metabolism and cleansing the body of these recommendations will not bring the desired result. Find out in the video below how to achieve weight loss through herbal slimming.


Catherine, 28 years: If you do not clear the organism from slags and toxins, you are in the area of weight loss does not work, I checked it out personally. Went to the gym, refused from flour, and the weight won’t go away. Only after the «brushed» with the help of herbal tea, there had been progress in losing weight.

Alena, 35 years: most of all I love Chinese teas for weight loss, they give a great result. I dropped in a month five kilograms! Keep in mind that neither «Puer» or «Oolong» can not be cheap, do not be fooled by cheap offers, as a rule, it is a fake. Noteworthy is another Chinese herbal tea – «design to delivery».

Anton, 30 years: I’m not a fan of weight reduction, but after «heavy» meals always use herbal tea. It has a mild laxative effect that I need. Besides herbal charges I trusted more than any pills or powders. By the way, the slimming effect is felt even if drinking herbal tea is not regularly like me.

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