How to get rid of hiccups after alcohol fast at home

It’s hard to find a man who would never in his life hiccup. Face this problem, since the time spent in the womb of his mother, to old age. The origin of the hiccups can be different. She brings excitement to the parents of infants, and adults are not always able to cope with it. Long bouts of hiccough occur during alcohol intoxication, they are possible and in various diseases. How to get rid of hiccups? First we need to figure out why it arose, and to try to eliminate the cause. In some cases, will help a doctor.

The reasons for the continuing hiccups all day

In the breathing process of a person plays an important role the diaphragm. Thanks to the smooth movement occur in the body inhale and exhale. In the case where the aperture for some reason annoyed the spasm and jerks. Hiccup when the air starts to arrive in bursts, the throat slit is narrowed, there is a characteristic sound. Hiccups is not dangerous, if continues for long. The cause can be:

  • hypothermia;
  • quick meal;
  • overeating;
  • fright, shock;
  • bad posture;
  • alcohol.

The danger is hiccup, which does not stop for a long time. If you have these symptoms, it is important to visit a doctor. He would find out the reason and prescribe treatment to stop the hiccups. Such a continuous process may indicate serious health problems:

  • meningitis;
  • damage to the vagus nerve;
  • encephalitis;
  • violations of brain activity;
  • preinfarction;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • pneumonia;
  • predinsultnoe state.

What helps with hiccups

In order to deal with a case of hiccups, there are many effective ways. Since it is not always understandable, but working methods, including folk remedies and drugs. In this situation it can help and homeopathy. Sometimes you just want to eliminate the cause to stop hiccup. To cure hiccups lasting a long time is possible only in a medical facility when the doctor make a correct diagnosis and begin treatment.

Folk remedies for hiccups

What to do to get the hiccups? There are a huge number of ways to help in such circumstances:

  1. Drink plenty of water, induce vomiting.
  2. Inhale deeply and hold your breath.
  3. Cause sneezing.
  4. To stick away your tongue.
  5. To frighten him.
  6. Do slow and deep inhalations-exhalations.
  7. Drink a lot of water very slowly.
  8. To do sit-UPS.
  9. Do push-UPS.
  10. Click on the hole at the bottom of the neck.

Excellent help relieve hiccups popular recipes. If it lasts long, try mixing the mustard with the vinegar. This composition must be applied on the tongue for a few minutes, several times a day. Helps to get rid of hiccough infusion of fennel seeds. It is necessary to drink a hundred grams three times: morning, afternoon, evening. To prepare a teaspoon of seeds should pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour.

There are methods to get rid of hiccups in the home, if it lasts a short time. When you need urgent support, try these methods:

  1. Drink a spoon of olive oil.
  2. Breathe into paper bag, breathe in carbon dioxide from it.
  3. Slowly associte spoonful of sugar.
  4. Place on the tongue the slice of orange or lemon.
  5. Put it in your mouth a slice of black bread, suck.


Drugs, which can cure hiccups, appoint a doctor. This happens after the examination and perform the necessary tests. Medicinal drugs are taken in pill form and injections. They have an impact on the root causes that caused hiccups:

  1. Speed up the movement of food «Omeprazole», «Cisapride».
  2. Reduces the excitability of the diaphragm «Baclofen».
  3. Calm the nervous system «Chlorpromazine», «Chlorpromazine».
  4. Accelerates gastric emptying «Reglan».


To help cope with the hiccups homeopathic remedies. It is important that they are prescribed by a doctor. He chooses the necessary paints the dosage regimen of the drug. Adults are prescribed drugs based on the reasons that caused hiccuping:

  1. If overeating is «Ignacy 3D», «verum Teucrium murum».
  2. After excessive Smoking – «Nux vomica 6».
  3. After hot drinks – «Stramonium».

Make an appointment homeopathic remedies and young children, starting with newborns. You should drink in the morning «Carbo vegetabilis 6», and at night – «Nux vomica 6». The dosage and admission rules lurid doctor. In addition to these funds administered homeopathic medicines, they work on the cause that caused hiccuping:

  1. «Fusafungine» – calms the nervous system.
  2. «Babynos» is used in intestinal colic.

How to stop hiccups

In order to properly assist, you want to know, how long hiccuping. If this process was delayed for a long time – there can not do without consultation with experts. The doctors will find out the reason and help to fix it. It is important to consider who you support, because the techniques that are suited to infants, will not work when started hiccupping drunkard. If the process does not exceed twenty minutes – have the ability to cope independently at home. There are many techniques to stop the hiccups.


Agitations parents gives the baby hiccuping. How to rid baby hiccups? First you need to figure out the reason why it originated. Hiccupping can cause all sorts of circumstances:

  • excessive thirst;
  • emotional stress;
  • fatty foods;
  • hypothermia;
  • flatulence;
  • excessive intake of food;
  • the air in the stomach, while artificial feeding.

If the hiccupping doesn’t last long – it is not dangerous. In the long process need to see a pediatrician, because it indicates a serious diseases. How to quickly get rid of baby hiccups? To help the newborn simply need to eliminate the reasons that caused it. Sometimes you just need to wrap up. In addition, under these circumstances:

  1. To do chest compressions.
  2. Child to drink water, he should sit.
  3. To provoke sneezing.
  4. Drop on tongue for something sour.
  5. Cooling the earlobe.
  6. Compress the middle phalanx on the little finger.

A drunk

How to deal with a case of hiccups if a person was drunk? Under this condition, it is important to restore the water balance of a drunk. You need to first drink water and then cause a gag reflex – it will help to remove the hiccups. Help out in these circumstances:

  1. Bitter foods, for example bread with mustard.
  2. Low fat milk is 2.5%.
  3. A cold compress on the throat.
  4. Sour lemon slice on the tongue.
  5. A spoonful of sugar.
  6. Breathing in a plastic bag with the mouth and nose, while there will be air.
  7. Squats, push-UPS.
  8. Water with lemon or sugar.

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