How to quickly dry nail Polish at home

Beautiful manicure and manicured hands is an important part of an ideal image of the modern woman, hairstyle and makeup. Sometimes there are cases when it is necessary immediately to go somewhere on business, and fresh manicure very long dries. In order not to waste precious time waiting, use these efficient recommendations how to quickly dry nail Polish, using traditional methods or special tools.

How to quickly dry your nails

Many women prefer to do manicure, without resorting to the services of a wizard. It often happens that at home there is no special dryers. Options how to quickly dry my nails a lot. Here are the most effective ones:

  1. Ice water or the freezer. Before staining procedure, prepare a small bowl with chilled water and some ice cubes. Upon completion of the procedure, lower the fingers for 3-5 minutes in ice water. Also to quickly dry the varnish can, if you for 2-3 minutes, place your hand in the cooler.
  2. Electric hair dryer. Select the lowest temperature or cold air obsesse (in current models), and send it on 5 minutes with a Hairdryer on the fingers. Not recommended for dryer use hot air: it softens the lacquer.
  3. Manual gun for cleaning and blasting of parts by a jet of air. The device can perfectly replace the device for drying of nail Polish. Most importantly – make sure that the air flow is not too large, otherwise there is a risk to spoil the manicure.
  4. Cooking spray or olive oil. Take a pipette and drip 2-3 drops of oil to each colored plate, wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse the butter with cold running water.

Types rapid dry for nails

Masters in beauty salons for quick fastening of varnish using various professional tools. To buy them can be anyone in the cosmetic stores. To drugs include:

  • Drying spray for nail. The tool comes in a small bottle with the sprinkler. The liquid in it is made on the basis of oil. Just made the manicure needs to be sprayed with spray and wait 5-7 minutes.
  • Drying oil for nails. Remedy is a small bottle with lid-pipette. On every painted surface, apply 1 drop of oil from a pipette. The tool is well spread out across the nail plate. To fully solidify need 3-5 minutes.
  • Drying fan. One of the ways to quickly dry nail Polish is purchasing a small device, which fits in the hand and blown by fan
  • The varnish is drying for the nails. It’s conventional lacquer transparent color. To put it in a single layer 2 minutes after staining with colored lacquer. The coating dries up completely after 3-4 minutes. Such drying for your nails at home extend the life of the manicure by a few days.

How to dry gel Polish

Many girls wish to have a manicure kept long. Standard lacquer coating is kept not more than a week, but if the handle is often in contact with water. Often have to refresh a manicure, spend time. To solve the manufacturers of tools for nail invented the gel Polish. It lasts up to 2-4 weeks, it protects the surface from damage. Depending on the form of a gel Polish (light sensitive and insensitive to light) differ, and the means of drying.

Lamp for drying nail at home

The composition of most of the gel nail package includes a special polymer that is polymerized only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. So to finish quickly and efficiently stiffened, sunlight will not be enough. Needed a special lamp. They are of several types:

  • LED-lamp. The coating dries in 30-40 seconds.
  • UV lamp 9 Watt nail dryer at home. For curing the transparent gel-Polish requires 1.5-2 minutes, color – up to 5 minutes.
  • UV lamp 36 Watt. Professional machine applied in beauty salons. Drying is carried out for 40-60 seconds.

The drying process is simple:

  1. Apply the gel to the surface.
  2. Immerse your hand in the dryer, specify the timer (if any) the duration of the procedure and hit the start button.
  3. After a time (for each gel Polish it is different) unplug the appliance.

Without lamp

For home use were invented immune to light the gel varnishes, which harden doesn’t need a UV lamp. The gel solidified, use a special catalyst, which is applied in a thin layer on over night. Was recently invented another kind of gel nail for fixation which you want to plunge your fingers for 10 minutes in cold water.

Video: how to quickly dry nail Polish

To learn how to quickly dry nail Polish, using essential oils, we recommend you to view the following video. You will be able to compare their practices and tips for experienced people, other ways to dry the varnish. For example, the lacquer quickly scrambling to follow these and other simple rules:

  • before the procedure, completely remove the old varnish;
  • abrade the nail plate soft buff it to be smooth;
  • the nail surface thoroughly degrease the usual alcohol.


Alina, 20 years: Great way to use for drying nail Polish ice water. Several times did so, a maximum of 10 minutes and the manicure was ready.

Veronica, 22 years: Prefer special means for drying. Like the varnish-drying, after using a manicure gets extra sparkle, lasts a little longer.

Tatyana, 25 years: often don’t like to do manicures, so I use gel Polish. For these purposes bought expensive UV lamp, buy happy. The procedure done once in 3 weeks.

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