Chocolate wrap at home for weight loss: the best recipes

Women are increasingly resorting to the technique of wrapping at home. The pace of life does not allow to visit spas, but to be beautiful I want. However, a woman is always important that the procedure not only helped to lose those extra pounds, but also brought pleasure. Chocolate wrap at home for weight loss – an ideal option. And become slim get, and sweet to please yourself. The chocolate wrap helps to get rid of cellulite, and the smell of sweets makes the body produce endorphins – the neurotransmitters that improve mood.

How to do the wrapping of chocolate for weight loss

The secret is that the body is covered with chocolate almost completely. Being under a viscous mass, will have to relax and stay motionless for a long time to get the result. The procedure should be not only applied directly to chocolate. Its important element is the overall impact of everything that happens before and during the procedure (scrubbing, cleansing, cream). The procedure should be done with interval of four days, and hope the effect is stable after seven or eight repetitions.

Cling film

Chocolate wrap at home for quick weight loss requires preparation:

  1. First, you need to clean the skin. Use coffee made by yourself from the shower gel and coffee grounds.
  2. On cleansed skin is smeared with chocolate, then waist, abdomen, thigh wrap with cling film.
  3. The following half hour you should think about is that your body turns into chocolate, sweet, gentle and attractive.

Food wrap keeps the heat, allows the body to get rid of unwanted liquid. We can expect a small reduction of weight and size. They will not be as significant as when targeted against the extra pounds – fat cells will remain intact. By the end of the entire procedure could take a bath, then apply body cream with a moisturizing effect, and could add two or three drops of essential oils of grapefruit, orange or lemon.

On the night

If you are set on losing weight, then do the procedure at night for a couple of hours before heading to bed. 10-12 PM in the human body begins production of the hormone somatotropin, promotes the elimination of excess weight. Before the wrap, it is important to clean the skin. The chocolate composition is applied to requiring the attention of the field, and they are wrapped with cling film. In this state, have to sleep all night and in the morning, using a contrast shower to wash off the mixture.

In the bath

Bath – a great place to deal with the extra pounds, however, if it is combined with the wrap, the effect is simply stunning. If a broom is used the pores open up. Moist heat helps get rid of toxins, normalize blood circulation and your pores. Chocolate mixture for the wraps is prepared as follows:

  • in the microwave or in a water bath to break the one hundred grams of dark chocolate;
  • to it add the olive oil;
  • the finished mixture is kept in the steam room, so it was not hard, but not too hot.

Order of procedure:

  1. After the bath apply the mixture on the skin, Ammodytes with plastic wrap, hide under a warm towel or blanket.
  2. Half an hour later get out of the warm bliss, wash off the chocolate from the body.
  3. When the regular repetition of such procedures has the most favorable impact on your weight, and make cellulite if not disappear, become less noticeable.

The most effective recipes for chocolate wrapping

Fat has a bad habit to accumulate in places that you would want to keep thin, smooth. Accumulate especially his buttocks, thighs, stomach, waist, where the weight can easily spoil the picture. Chocolate body wraps at home for weight loss may save you. So, as beautiful ladies to correct body parts with the help of tiles of the delicious dessert.


Chocolate for weight loss will save legs from cellulite, making their outlines smooth:

  1. Before the procedure, the skin need to clean with a scrub, steam.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the scrub, apply the chocolate mixture on the desired place, wrap them with cling film.
  3. Hide the legs under the warm blanket and cuddle up to them for the next forty minutes.
  4. After you wash away the chocolate, strengthen the result of cellulite or nourishing cream.


If the skin of your hands become slightly droopy, the fit body wrap with cocoa powder. To prepare the composition, you will need:

  • 100 milliliters of warm milk;
  • 150 grams cocoa powder.

The order of application:

  1. The mixture should be very thick do not.
  2. Soak the composition bandages, wrap them around your hands.
  3. Only after that to wrap the film, to wear a warm jumper, to spend the next half hour.
  4. With regular repetition over 10 sessions can reduce the amount of hands a couple of inches without going to the gym and watching your favorite TV series. Wrap with cocoa powder is very effective for hands.

Belly and flanks

He especially likes to accumulate fat on the abdomen and flanks. Deposits spoil the reflection in the mirror and lowers women’s self-esteem. Body wraps for weight loss stomach will require the following:

  1. Three bars of chocolate melt, a hot mess apply a thick layer on disturbing the area.
  2. Wait an hour, rinse well.
  3. The result has become visible and tangible, will take at least two weeks of regular repetition of the procedure.

Video: how to make a chocolate wrap

The first clip shows Elena Chudinova, what ingredients, in what proportions will it take to make a wrap with cocoa from cellulite. After watching the second story, you will learn how to prepare for the chocolate wrap, to choose a suitable scrub and what oil is best to use for mixing. In the third video you will be able to observe the data, which consider positive and negative aspects of chocolate wrapping.

The best recipe for wraps

Anti-cellulite wrap


Feedback on the results

Maria, 25 years: I did a cold chocolate body wrap at home, it is not aimed at heating and expansion of pores in order to lose weight, he has other tasks: it helps relieve stress and provides a lifting effect. This is a plus for nervous system, energy boost. Convinced from experience that the best body wrap – chocolate. I don’t like sweets, rarely eat, more for procedures use. But the beauty demands victims.

Sonia, 30 years: I did take photos before and after the course of treatments, chocolate wraps, to track the dynamics. Noticed a significant smoothing of the skin on the thighs, although the emerging «orange peel» was bugging me for a long time. I also made a chocolate mask for the face: wrinkles began to smooth out.

Kate, 28 years: Doing wraps to reduce, excess weight bothered me with 20 years. I realized that I need to do something, because the years go by. Played sports, sat on a diet, but the skin had to be cleaned up, because it became loose. Cocoa body wrap for weight loss advised a friend that was able to reduce waist size. This is a quick, effective remedy.

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