What to do when the weight stopped for weight loss: how to overcome the plateau effect

What woman does not dream of a slim figure? However, if there is such a problem as the extra body weight, many taking up fitness, start going on a diet. Most women that have this solved, at some point realize that they stopped weight and not going down. Hand weights every day not moving from the dead point. From this, many are beginning to despair, deteriorating mood, energy leave them. What to do when the weight stopped for weight loss? Let’s consider in details!

Why stopped weight for weight loss

What are the reasons that weight? No matter what method of weight loss chosen, the body gets rid of excess water, then begins to melt away fat. Some, seeing such a result, relax, and have, without losing momentum, to continue exercise and control. The condition «diet plateau» lies in wait almost every body of habit accustomed to consume protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients as before, but adapted to a new diet, begins to be satisfied with less food. What to do when the weight stopped for weight loss?

Methods of correction effect plateau

  • Drink plenty of water. Your skin, the body will be very grateful.
  • Eat often, in moderation, no more than 250 calories at a time. Follow the diet. Try the Dukan diet.
  • Diversify your exercise. The muscles very quickly get used to repetitive exercises. Use cardio, running, Biking, in order to accelerate the circulation.
  • Use of physiotherapy. In the struggle for every kilogram, all means are good! Well reduce the excess amount of massage, ultrasound therapy, lymphatic drainage, heating. The most important thing is to approach this problem comprehensively.

Video: what to do if the diet stopped the weight

The author of the video will tell about their experiences, share their secrets. How to lose weight properly, without violence and body harm to health? What to do when the weight stopped, and with it the process of losing weight? In the process of reducing excess body weight can become decisive trifles and subtleties, it would seem, all is already known, which she recounts. Video energizes and inspires the fight against excess weight. Become slimmer, healthier and happier together with the Creator of this wonderful video!


Maria, 23 years: At one time I was sitting proper nutrition. Only lost weight from 77 kg to 55. Over the past couple of years I have regained 5 kg. Now I started losing weight again. 30 days left only a few pounds and the weight stopped… Calories didn’t count, but I don’t think they eat a lot, try to stick to a healthy menu eating a lot of fruits in the evening. Really want to reduce weight up to 50-52 kg.

Olga, 35 years: hand weights for a month, holding on by one digit. Realized that was engaged in only one type of load – cardio, ate little protein. Girlfriend very dissatisfied. What is this girlfriend? Even glad that I’ve gotten better, because I better understand people. But my husband worships me even in this form. Want to lose some weight just for health, and for myself.

Daria, age 28: I Have a similar problem. 14 days of the week went quickly 4 kilos, apparently it was water, then came back. The power is not changed, water drink a lot of, many years not a sweet drink, bread too. We still have to reconsider your diet. It is important not to stop and to go for their goals. The main thing is to be patient, don’t be discouraged if the first turns out not all.

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