How to free download Russian Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

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Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor from Microsoft, which, because of its simplicity and the fact that earlier was a part of the Windows operating system, loved by many users. However, in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 you find. This article details about how to install Movie Maker in recent versions of the OS from Microsoft. Also may be interested in: Best free video editors

As is often the case with such programmes, when you try to find where to download Windows Movie Maker, a user with a non-zero probability goes to a questionable site, where the downloaded archive will be asked to send the SMS or will install in addition to the necessary software and extra, useless components. To avoid this, it is enough to refer to the official Microsoft website.

From Microsoft you can download Windows Movie Maker in English language in two versions (below we describe the installation using each of them), there is also a safe one unofficial way to install video editor in versions 2.6 and 6.0:

  • A newer version of the program is included in Windows Essentials (Windows Essentials 2012) has new features such as integration with YouTube and Vimeo, new video effects and animation, different interface. Currently the website is called Studio. Install using the Web installer, there is Russian language
  • Standard (familiar from previous versions of Windows) version of Windows Movie Maker available for download as a full installer (i.e. you can install without Internet connection). Supported by Russian language. (way no longer works)
  • Install Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or 6.0 for Windows 7 8 and Windows 10 without the support of the Russian language.

Both versions of Windows Movie Maker (movie maker) work in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Which one to choose — you decide. Below I will show you how to download, install and insert interface screenshots that may help you decide.

Download and install Windows Movie Maker in Windows Essentials

To download «new» Windows Movie Maker, click on the link and click the «Download»button.

To install, run the downloaded file, you will see a prompt to install all core components of Windows or choose those that you need.

Install only Windows Movie Maker

If you choose the second of these options, you can specify to install only photo gallery and movie maker (have Windows Movie Maker) and continue the installation. After installation, you can start using the program. Below are a couple of screenshots of the version of the program when using this installation option, then consider installing the «old» version, not the Studio.

How to download Windows Movie Maker 2.6 from the Microsoft website

Update: unfortunately, the old version of Movie Maker removed from the Microsoft website. At the moment (early 2016) download it from there will not work (ie. only search unofficial sources). But, if you still need Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or 6.0, additional ways of loading described in the next section.

To download the standard version of Windows Movie Maker without installing Windows Essentials, go to this page:

After clicking «Download» you will be prompted to select a download. For the Russian version, you should select the file MM26_RU.msi.

When the download is complete, run the file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. The installation itself takes less than a minute and after a short time you will receive the set free video editor in the version in which you could get used to it, if used earlier, in the previous versions of Windows. Below are a couple of screenshots.

Unofficial way to install Movie Maker 2.6 and Movie Maker 6.0 on Windows 7, 8 and 10

After the release of Windows 10 has become a popular third-party component set system Missed Features Installer 10 (10 MFI), which is the ISO file for quick installation of those components that were present in previous versions of the OS, but disappeared in the past. However, in the context of the task download Movie Maker, the best fit of the previous such set — MFI 7 (for Windows 7 that also works in Windows 8 and 10). The reason this ISO is not blocked by SmartScreen and contains two versions of Movie Maker 2.6 and 6 (sorry, only in English).

Steps to download simple — download MFI 7 with the official page and mount the ISO image in the system. Start with the mounted disk executable mfi.exe, then click Windows Movie Maker, and then click the version of the video editor (version 6.0 also contains a DVD Maker to create DVD from photos and video).

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Will automatically install, after which you will have a running Movie Maker on your system (if there are any problems running, also try running in compatibility mode). The screenshot below is thus established by version 6.0 in Windows 10.

That’s it. I hope this article helped you to get with the program in General, trustworthy sources.

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