The care of the skin in the cleavage area

There are no ugly women. Youth beautiful youth. But time is running out and the beauty must be maintained. Women neckline attracts the eye. It is therefore important to care for them.


At all times, women have paid special attention to caring for skin, hands and feet, but happily forgetting about this part of the body like the décolletage. Actually, this area is no less important than facial skin because it can be used with reasonable certainty to know how old woman. And to care for her needs as regularly as in other parts of the body. Comprehensive care involves a cleansing and skin nourishment and protection.

Clean the skin in the cleavage area is very gently. Taking a shower, with a soft sponge or a special glove, with circular movements RUB the skin. Such movements need to make about about a minute. You should also remember the peeling, but try to avoid the use of rough scrubs. You need to choose a gentle remedy that would be effective enough, but it will not injure and irritate the delicate skin of the décolleté.

Also for the neck shows a cool shower, as over the years the skin tends to lose its elasticity. It is recommended to take a shower: the water jet should be directed at the décolletage circular and flowing movements to pour it. This method is designed to give elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Food includes application of a special cream. Unless, of course, the financial aspect does not allow you to buy a tool specifically for the neck, you can apply the cream that is used for the whole body, and you can cook it yourself. The ingredients that will require the most that neither is ordinary — fat sour cream, egg yolk, cucumber, lemon juice and vodka.

Take half a Cup of sour cream, add egg yolk and stir thoroughly. Then add cucumber, tentatively rubbing it on a fine grater, then add the lemon juice, pushing him out of half a lemon. Then add two teaspoons of vodka (vodka can be replaced with Cologne). Rejuvenation of the skin after use of this compound is practically guaranteed. In addition, it will smooth and whiten the skin in the cleavage area.

Of course, the skin in this delicate area must be protected from direct sunlight. You can use any cream with nourishing effect of zinc ointment in the proportion of 1:1. Well, in windy weather only to cover the area with clothing.

There is a certain percentage of women in the décolleté area has some defects. You can hide them using makeup. Powder is great for this approach.

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