Original postcard from the wipes with your hands

The card is a little gift with big meaning. The traveler can give a dream, loved one, hope, girlfriend, good mood.


You will need

  • — a sheet of paper for watercolors
  • — napkin for decoupage
  • — PVA glue
  • — braid
  • — lace
  • — sheet of colored paper
  • — the contours
  • — decorative flowers


1. Postcard from napkins — small an original gift for his birthday. The most difficult part, «sadequain» cloth on watercolor paper. This can be done without the help of glue and water. Remove the bottom two layers of cloth. Put on a sheet of paper for watercolor or pastel white color plastic wrap, then towel on top and a sheet of copier paper.


2. Spend a hot iron several times. As soon as the cloth gets held together with paper, remove the sheet of copy and glue for decoupage matte color. To create the cards, cut a square of desired size, and decorate the edges of scalloped scissors.
Original postcard from the swipe happens only from napkins for decoupage with three coats.

3. To make an original greeting card from the wipes with your hands, prepare a square of colored paper larger than a square with a napkin. Decorate the edges of scalloped scissors. Then the watercolor sheet of A4 paper fold in half. Glue it on the colored square and top square with the cloth. Fold the workpiece braid and lace in tone. Red and green contours emphasize the individual fragments. Contour gold scroll the inscription on the cloth.


4. To decorate the card swipe, you will need a decorative silk or paper flowers. Glue them to give volume to the postcard. Original postcard from the swipe — affordable gift for birthday.
Flowers can be made independently of crepe paper or tissue. The easiest option is roses. Twisting a strip of cloth or paper in a spiral, you will receive a flower for a card. Some roses will adorn the card, making it original.


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