How to behave on the various the signs of the Zodiac

From the atmosphere in a working environment much depends. What affects the working atmosphere? Then, in what mood the person is to the job and how he is ready to interact with colleagues. And it is important to consider not only the different psychological temperaments of employees, but even their Zodiac signs. Consider how the behaviour of those or other signs of the zodiac at work.

Знаки зодиака на работе

Aries often work to wear, forgetting about everything. They have well developed thinking and ability to structure the task. Possessing a cheerful disposition and leadership qualities, Aries quickly find a common language with all colleagues. Also, the Rams increased the level of responsibility and justice – they «pravdoruba», straightforward in his statements, but always come to the aid and defend the weak. However, in relations with the authorities Aries are sometimes intolerant, violent and uncontrollable, but with proper motivation quickly calmed down.

Taurus meticulously study all the materials before you start work. They are hard to swing, but patient, Taurus is always lead up begun up to the end, doggedly following the plan. Taurus is difficult to ruffle, but if something happened, they did not return to their normal activities until you lay the shelves on in the mind of the entire conflict situation. Castalimenti and dedication to work often helps Taurus to achieve good heights in career.

The twins can’t sit still, they need to be in motion, to know the latest news, they will start to work in the morning, until you discuss all the night before. The twins literally catch from all sources the right information and know how to use it. Flexible and loyal Gemini friends with everyone, but at the same time remain true to yourself. The undoubted advantage is the ability of this sign of the Zodiac out of different types of situations untainted. Neither corporate party is not complete without the Twins – they love the fun and creativity. In General, the Twins are forgiving, but in open confrontation is tricky and smart rivals.

Cancers like comfort, comfort, warmth in the team. Crabs love money and know how to earn it, but often on the way to the heights of a career is the sense of duty to colleagues: «what if someone more worthy than me?». To fully unfold, this sign of the Zodiac must encourage and support leadership. If you want to criticize Cancer, then the criticism should be fair and reasoned, and it is desirable to criticize in private, otherwise Cancers simply do not understand and take it as an insult to your account. Cancers absolutely noconflict, but vengeful. However, in an obvious fight never enter. For the insult they take revenge by proxy.

Lions to work a little bit lazy, but luck is often accompanied by them in any case. Fans of non-standard approach, the Lions can hump from routine work. This sign of the Zodiac it is important to feel indispensable and valuable employee, otherwise it will start looking for another job. In the team the Lions have a bright personality, love to be in the middle of it, talk about it. Benevolent at first glance, the Lions has no sense of responsibility at all, when performing team tasks, they are likely to do their part and step aside, because I appreciate the motto: «Each for himself».

Virgin bring to the job is reserved. Meticulous in all matters relating to professional activity, they value order as in the head and on the desktop. The virgin is always dressed according to the dress code and comply with the labour regime. Punctuality and responsibility are the main features of the employee under the sign of Virgo. As for the friendship at work, Virgo, as a rule, choose one or two people who you can trust, but this relationship cannot be called friendship. Strict distribution of «family» and «work» does not allow Virgins to let colleagues to heart, distance the professional relationship must be respected.

Libra chaotic and inconsistent. They may be late for work, come in different socks, to laugh uproariously at a serious meeting, but no one will ever accuse the Weights that they are bad workers. Libra feel my job and all with pinpoint accuracy and get the respect and recognition of colleagues and leadership. In General Libra is friendly, but their friendly preferences can change rapidly depending on mood. The motto of the Weights in terms of friendship and work: «to me, and I».

Scorpions– successful manipulators, the hidden leaders. Even if Scorpio doesn’t occupy a leadership position, he certainly subjugates colleagues, because it has great spiritual power. Scorpions hard to get them to perform some absurd task, not related to core business. Rare Scorpio will meet at a corporate party in the thick of things – they prefer to stay in the shade. Scorpios are fighters by nature, with proper motivation they will be able to defend the honor of the team in any battle with competitors. However, the merge with the team for Scorpions is usually superficial, they, like virgins, don’t let anybody into the soul.

How to behave at work, Sagittarius? About them in the team usually say: «the soul of the company». They are work, but do not forget about interpersonal relationships: each colleague will pay attention, will ask if something’s up, embolden. Focused and attentive at work, the Archers would quickly reach the top in their careers, but they don’t need to, they used to be «closer to people». Heads-Sagittarians are also sensitive to the problems of «mere mortals» and try to spend a lot of time to establish the necessary atmosphere of unity and friendship.

Capricornsand Aries are straightforward and rude when it comes to business relationships, however, do an excellent job with the role of mentors, if you have to train new employees. Capricorns don’t like long and unnecessary conversations around the same topics, it is important to get clear instructions of what to do and what the deadlines are. During operation Capricorn is better not to distract, otherwise you can run into explosive nature. In the team Capricorns keep to ourselves, they enough friends to waste their time on useless chatter with colleagues.

Aquarians work to interact with people. Without communication they would have closed the case on the back burner. And the conversations do not interfere with the Aquarians to do the job professionally. Aquarians can’t work in absolute isolation (in separate Cabinet, for example). They must feel the movement, the music, the noises in the background and other evidence that the work is in progress and not stand still. Best of all Aquarians working as a team, unlike the lions, their principle: «One for all and all for one».

Fish, although sometimes absent, wholly and completely devote themselves to the work, especially if this operation is favorite. Fish are perfectionists in their work. To stay in the evening to finish the project or to do without lunch for work Pisces can sacrifice everything, because the result should surpass all expectations. In the team Fish more attentive listeners than speakers. The ability to empathize with colleagues and the inability to refuse personal requests is often not good for the Fish because some dishonest person use this to their advantage, forcing the Fish to work instead, substitute on the night shift, etc. Fish noconflict as long as the conflict does not affect their loved ones. Then soft and forgiving Fish become real furies.

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