How to choose photos for the exam in photobank

If you decide to try your hand at the drains, you will need to pass the exams. Exams there are about half of the stock, and almost all large, among which are: Shutterstock, iStockPhoto. Where you will be asked to complete a simple theoretical test, where to send a certain amount of their work registration, and some serve as a theoretical test, then send to check the work.

Как выбрать фотографии для экзамена в фотобанке

Rules of examinations for various image banks are a little different, but here I will describe the General principles by which to select the pictures, whether it be three or ten.

The first and foremost condition that must be satisfied: the photo will be judged by inspectors not from the point of view not the artistic potential, not as a work of art but as a commodity that must be sold. It needs 1) to be liked, so that it wanted to see, and ideally – to buy, 2) to illustrate a product, service or event, and 3) have really good technical quality. Below is a look at all three points in more detail.

1) the Photo needs to be liked. Therefore, for the exam it is better to choose something beautiful and quite simple. Whatever you took, your shot should be nice to look at. Blue skies are better than gray, smiling, girlfriend, gloomy grymza, small cute kitten better evil mongrels, and further down the list. Ideally, the photo should carry a positive charge, and, even if you like to shoot sad people think like this to make people (and the inspector is only human!) experienced at the sight of your picture is pleasant emotions.

2) Photo should be used as an illustration event, product, service or idea. So it’s best if the image used will be a simple idea. The difficult scenes are great, but not on the exam. The fewer details that can be superfluous, the better. Cup of coffee and a day planner is a popular concept (beginning of the working day, business, some initiatives), and if the planner will be based maple leaf, rose, clay and a plane ticket – get porridge. This photo is not poreklamirovat no clay, no coffee, no travel.

And here goes another requirement is the photo must be advertising. Everything you photograph must be beautiful, no dust, and the clothes should look perfect. In pictures of landscapes should be free of debris, and the plate of cookies is unnecessary crumbs.

Finally, do not need to send the exam photos, which can be attributed to the editorial. The exam is about the knowledge of certain rules of the game that plays the market. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you can photograph the girl in this blouse, and the coffee in the Cup is better when you change the model, and pour the coffee into another Cup.

3) Finally, check the technical quality of your shots. Requirements for examination photos more strict, so better be safe and send really good pictures.

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