How to get free medications at the pharmacy

Free medicines the pharmacy is often like the lottery. Anyone lucky enough to get the necessary medicines immediately, but waiting for someone or replace them with similar. In any case, the consumer must know their rights, because of the conscientious work of the pharmacy depends on the health of a person.

Как получить бесплатные лекарства в аптеке

If the pharmacy at the moment there are no medicines you need, you can leave them on request. Within 10 days the drug should be delivered to the pharmacy. If you have time to wait you have (a medicine necessary for health reasons), the pharmacist must offer the equivalent of this drug. But you also have the right to receive free medication at another pharmacy, within the limits of the municipality. If the waiting time for medicines on a prescription it has become expired, you can still obtain cure.

If necessary medication is not available, but analog does not suit you, you can purchase the drug. This will save the check and write the application addressed to the head of the pharmacy demanding a refund.

If in the pharmacy there is no drug in the above dosage, the pharmacist should give you it in smaller amounts, but in larger quantities, so you will have the opportunity to complete a full course of treatment. But if the pharmacy has the medication in a dosage more than necessary, will have to get a new prescription from the doctor. Employees of pharmacies don’t have right to change the number and dosage of medications.

On all violations that occur in the issuance of free medication, you can complain to the local Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health or the Ministry of health in your region. Necessary phone numbers are always available at a special stand in the pharmacy or in the clinic.

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