How to connect a «single country» on the MTS

If you are going to visit any corner of our country, to travel, not leaving the limits of Russia, are network operator MTS and want to save on calls, make sure the option «single country».

Как подключить "Единая страна" на МТС

You will need

  • — phone or computer.
  • — access to the Internet;
  • — the presence of the MTS network.


1. There are three ways to activate the «one country». The first option, he’s the fastest, it is a set of dial *808# and call on your phone. Set need to be made with SIM cards MTS, on which I wish to use this option.

2. The second option is a set of almost the same combination as above but with the use of ones. So, to connect to «one country» from the phone dial *111*808#Call. Option will connect for a couple minutes, you will be notified via SMS or inform why this fails.

3. A third option is to use your profile, and where to connect the service. To do this, login to the members area on the official website of MTS, go to «services», then next to the desired option, in your case «one country», press «connect». It should be noted that the connection for free.
If your tariff plan «Ultra», «Smart», «Smart+» «Smart Top», «Smart Stop», «VIP», in this case to use the service, you can not, because the terms of these fares are valid throughout Russia. You cannot connect this option, and users of archival tariff «VIP 2014» and «Business without borders».

4. After the service she starts to act almost immediately, you will be able to answer incoming calls at any corner of our country absolutely for free, while the cost of the outgoing will be charged according to base rate intranet roaming. Note that «one country» can only be activated when the condition that deactivated similar to the line «All regions of MTS Russia» and «Everywhere at home». If one of these options is enabled, it will first need to disable.

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