How to determine the acidity of the soil in the garden

For the proper development of the plants need a soil that is neutral on the acid-base balance. This figure is determined by the content of lime or CaCO3. With a small quantity of the land becomes sour. In these cases it is necessary to compensate for a deficiency of lime.

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In acidic soils the plants are not able osvaivat the nutrients, nitrogen and potash fertilizers ineffective. All this leads to reduction of yield.

With an excess of CaCO3, the soil is considered alkaline. Soil acidity can be highly alkaline, alkaline, neutral, acidic, acidic and highly acidic. To determine the acidity of the earth you can use the following methods:

  • Consider vegetation. On strongly acidic soils like to grow buttercups, plantains, sorrel, Pansy, horsetail. At slightly acidic and neutral grow nettle, clover, mother and stepmother, field bindweed. But this method, of course, does not give absolute confidence.
  • Use the vinegar. Shovel podkonice bare earth and sprinkle few drops of vinegar. When bubbles form, one can conclude that the acidity of the sample is moderate. If there is no reaction, the soil is acidic – you need the addition of chalk or limestone.
  • You can spend a little experience. Take a few leaves of black currant, pour a glass of boiling water, cool. Stir the leaves and dip into this water a lump of soil from the area. Water can turn red – this means that the soil is strongly acidic, or become a pink – srednekislye. If the water is green, the soil is neutral. Blue color indicates an alkaline soil.
  • There are special devices called «kilometre», with which you can try to find out the acidity.

But all these methods belong to the so-called «home» and absolute precision are not given. It is best to take the soil sample for analysis to the himlaboratoriya.

If the country the soil is acidic, it is necessary to add lime. Used for this purpose, dolomite, limestone, ground chalk, hydrated lime (do not add it together with manure).

Liming of land should be conducted before planting of plants. The additive is distributed on the soil surface and mix. The procedure may be performed once every few years. The amount of feeding varies depending on the composition of the soil and the original pH.


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