Belplata strawberries: what’s so unusual or the norm

An inexperienced gardener gardener may accidentally get lost, standing in front of the counter with the seeds. Because every year there is a number of «new» varieties! Most of them are long-known varieties, but under other names. So, the similarity of the sensational varieties of strawberries «Pinkberry» for a long time please Russians its pineapple flavor.

Белоплодная клубника: невидаль или норма

You can, of course, with envy to consider beautiful photos beloplodnoe Dutch miracle «Pineberry», positioned as a new hybrid, and «bite your elbows» from that to Russia, this variety has not yet reached. According to the latest data pineapple strawberry (as translated varieties) obtained by crossing a wild South American strawberry with the Virginia strawberry variety and appeared on the shelves in the UK in 2011. Is, they say, such an unusual breakthrough in science and selection.

However, in Russia for 8 years successfully bred Belovodye varieties. And the «Black Swede» or «Swede – 1», «Swede-2» have exactly the same characteristics: a delicate, juicy pulp, of a red strawberry but with a pineapple flavor. Externally, this white strawberry with red seeds. It can have a yellowish or pinkish hue closer to the sepals.

Sometimes the need to grow belonoznik varieties is very serious, because there are cases of Allergy to vegetables and fruits red color. But there are cases when the gardeners are ready to get a smaller harvest, but a rare, exotic appearance and unusual taste. Lovers of exotics can pay attention to the varieties of white strawberries, which for years successfully produce fruit in our country: «White Lotus», «White Swan», «the Yellow miracle» (actually white), «Weiss, solemacher», «dessert Gold» (yellow).

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