How many recovering body after giving birth?

Сколько восстанавливается организм после родов?A woman who gives birth for a long time remember all those painful sensations which she experienced in the process of delivery. This fact sometimes makes us think before planning a second child, especially young women. However, most new mothers are interested in the question, which relates directly to the fact, how soon the body recovers after childbirth. Let’s try to answer it, having considered the main components of the recovery process.

How long is postpartum recovery?

It is worth noting that clearly the period for which the complete restoration of a female organism after the appearance of the baby born, can not be named. The fact that this parameter is affected by many factors. Let’s consider them in order.

First, it is necessary to consider how the delivery occurred. So, if this were a classic childbirth without complications (perineal tears, uterine bleeding, etc.), then, as a rule, tissue regeneration and recovery of the hormonal system takes about 4-6 months. If the delivery was conducted by caesarean section, or episiotomy (suturing of the perineum tissue), regenerative processes can be delayed by 6-8 months.

Secondly, the fact how much time is restored a woman after childbirth also depends on whether it was the birth of a first child, or already re-birth.

How many restores hormonal balance after childbirth and reproductive organs?

This issue is very often interested in mom, because on the normal operation of the hormonal system affects many physiological processes in the body.

So, if to speak about that, how many passed successfully recovering from childbirth the usual menstrual cycle, it should be noted that within 4-6 months of women there is amenorrhea prolactinoma. Under this term is commonly understood as the absence of menstrual flow, which is caused by the synthesis of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for the process of lactation.

In addition, the concentration of this hormone has a direct impact on the fact, how many restores breast volume after pregnancy. It should be noted that in this case it all depends on whether she feeds the baby Mama or not. Many modern women abandon breastfeeding in favor of preserving the shape and beauty of the bust. In such cases, restoration of the mammary glands occurs at 2-3 months. Thus, as a rule, the woman takes drugs that suppress lactation.

Speaking of, how long does recovering from childbirth the womb, physicians usually referred to as the period of time of 6-7 weeks. It is during this period the woman observed lochia – discharge of bloody nature.

Сколько восстанавливается организм после родов?If you talk about how after birth, the vagina is restored, it is all depends on how was the birth process. In the absence of tears and the integrity of its walls, which is quite rare, this process takes 4-6 weeks.

Not less unimportant compared to the total well-being, for women is the appearance after birth. Therefore, the question concerning how long after birth the stomach is restored, sounds quite often. It should be noted that in this case all individually. However, in order to return it at least approximately its original look, will need at least 4-6 months. In most cases, not without special physical exercises.


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