How long after giving birth can you exercise?

Через сколько после родов можно заняться спортом?Question concerning how long after childbirth can improve your figure and play sports, interested in many young mothers. Let’s try to understand this and examine the foundations of physical recovery after the birth of a baby.

When can I start exercise after giving birth?

Western experts on postpartum recovery women claim that almost a week after the appearance of the baby born, the mother can start gymnastic exercises. Perform them at a slow pace, as usually doing exercises in the morning.

However, as to when you can start the sport after giving birth, the doctors usually called the period of 4-5 months — that’s how much time is required for recovery. But this does not mean that after this time, the woman can begin to practice, because mandatory before you should consult a doctor.

Things to consider when you exercise after the baby is born?

The main rule when you restore the physical shape after childbirth is gradual. To begin with, as professionals say, the body needs to «Wake up», because the body is in a weakened, depressed.

Recommend starting with increase physical activity. It turns out that for many young mothers it is even difficult to do, because many are experiencing psychological distress, depression. So to start, will be enough that a young mother will start classes with the usual walk — fresh air is especially useful.

What sports are permitted after delivery?

Having dealt with that, when can I start playing sports after childbirth, let’s talk about which of its species are preferred for women who recently became mothers.

First, you need to pay attention to swimming. This will allow not only to strengthen the ligamentous apparatus, but also enhance overall tone of muscle fibers almost all muscle groups. Physical exercises performed in the water, reduce the load on the spine, which is important for women after childbirth.

A gymnastics is also a great way to pull the figure. The complex of such exercises typically include bends, stretches, exercises for the chest muscles, rotating the pelvis, walking on toes and heels.

Becoming more common among young mothers receives such a direction as Pilates. Such classes are aimed at relaxation, relaxation and uniform dosing of physical load on the female body.

What sports are prohibited after childbirth?

The doctors do not recommend the postpartum recovery Jogging. This sport is very energy-intensive. In addition, it is established that it can have a negative impact on the quality of breast milk.

Also not allowed to do weights, especially exercises. The fact that excessive load on the abdominal muscles can have a negative impact on the state just Через сколько после родов можно заняться спортом?restored the reproductive system. As a result of such exercise, in some cases, may develop uterine bleeding.

Also doctors do not recommend to engage in extreme sports, even though before pregnancy it was the most favorite pastime of women.

Given all the above, it is necessary to remind, what exactly to say when you can start the sport after giving birth, only a doctor after examination of the woman. Because without fail, before starting to physical exercise, be sure to visit the doctor.


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