Educational games for children of 6 months

Развивающие игры для детей 6 месяцевSix months is a huge period of life for a newborn baby. If a baby that has just born, almost all the time sleeping, the baby, who was 6 months old, is awake for a long time and are becoming unusually active.

In the six-month periods of wakefulness toddler it is necessary to play the various educational games that will help him to learn new skills and to get acquainted with the world around him. In this article we offer a few educational games for children from 6 months and older.

Educational games for kids aged 6 months

For children 6-7 months will fit the following educational games:

  • «The drummer». Put the crumbs on the highchair with a table top and give it to the handle of a large wooden spoon. Show what happens when you tap it on the table. Rest assured, this fun class will entertain your kid and, besides, will contribute to the development of an understanding of causal relationships, listening skills and sense of rhythm.
  • «Peas». Six-month old baby already quite skillful with their hands and with pleasure is enjoying it. At this age the baby is able to pick up fingers small subjects, although more recently this ability was not available to him. For infants 6 months is very important and useful educational games, who have been honing this skill, since they contribute to the development of fine motor skills. If you will scatter before their child peas, beads, buttons and other similar objects, he will begin picking them up. Be very careful and do not leave your child unattended, because it can pull the little thing into his mouth and choke.
  • Развивающие игры для детей 6 месяцев

  • An «airplane». Lie on the floor on your back and put baby tummy to your feet so that his face was drawn to your. When you hold this baby in your arms. Slowly and carefully raise and lower the legs and roll them back and forth, the baby experienced a feeling of «flight». This game will not only amuse your child, but will also strengthen his vestibular system.
  • In addition, for babies from 6 months to a year is a very important finger games, such as «Forty-white-sided» or «We shared an orange». Be sure to pay at least a little time with this useful activity.


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