Ditties about the carnival for children

Частушки про Масленицу для детейMaslenitsa is a holiday that came to us from Ancient Russia. From time immemorial the whole pancake week was accompanied by cheerful folk festivals in which participated both adults and children of all ages. Unfortunately, today this holiday is not as popular, but many people honor the customs and traditions of their ancestors and try to pass them on to the next generation.

That’s why moms and dads, grandmother and grandfather often read to their children funny stories, jokes and ditties about the carnival. These works of Russian folklore can explain why during this holiday bake pancakes and treat them against each other, burn an effigy and endlessly fun.

In this article we offer to your attention several children’s rhymes that can be used on Shrove Tuesday to entertain and introduce children to this wonderful holiday.

Short ditties about the carnival for children

Ditties for the youngest children needs to be short, the baby is able to understand their meaning and to repeat after adults. Such ditties you can play the music or just the melody. Anyway, these short poems, dedicated to Maslenitsa, will definitely help to enrich the vocabulary of the toddler and introduce him to ancient customs and traditions.

In particular, for the group of boys and girls of early age is very suitable the following couplets of the quatrains:

We at all honest people

You ditties sing,

Winter-mother hold

And the spring meet will start.


We Shrove

The holiday is not violated,

All friends danced, sang,

Yes Bonacci ate!


On fun Russian trio

Swept we’re friends.

Knocking on the way the cow of the Dawn,

The tears poured in three streams.


25 healthy pancakes

I ate in one sitting.

And now on pants new

You will not find clean places.


Like the carnival our

All becomes warmer.

Go away, winter, away,

Us with pancakes more fun.


Long ditties for older kids

Older guys usually gladly choose sing ditties and listening to fun music to please their parents and other relatives, as well as to demonstrate their talent to other boys and girls. In this case, typically longer works of Russian folklore. For example, on the eve of the pancake week the guys can sing this catchy ditty:

Monday with clear tip

All ride on the slide,

Chew all sorts of food,

Loudly singing songs.

For the village in every yard

Runs a children’s choir.

Of the houses are old,

All sorts of different rags.

Everybody is moving over the fence,

Spreading large fire.

It’s Shrove Tuesday,

Nice Carnival!

For beloved handkerchief

Guy climbs on his perch.

And hearth doused with water,

Because and ice.

In tests boys stand,

And in cooking girls boyki

Sweet crepes are baked,

Treats are served.

Smiling people,

In friendship round dance.

It’s Shrove Tuesday,

Частушки про Масленицу для детей

Good Carnival!

Early runs son-in-law

My mother in law to please,

Beckoning her into the house,

There treats a wine.

Fun, honest people,

Stuffing your stomach.

This Carnival,

Idle Curiosity …


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