When my maternity pay?

Когда выплачивают декретные?The issue of material security is always very acute before the future mother, because the birth of a child significantly increases the financial costs of the family and often puts her in a difficult position. That is why most women look forward to maternity payments of money provided to them by law and often constitute a fairly significant amount.

For what period and when paid maternity?

Based on the name of this measure financial assistance, it is easy to guess that money maternity pay when a woman goes on maternity leave, and during this entire period. It should be understood that the liberation of the future and young mother from work includes two cut — leave and maternity leave and leave to care for the baby.

Under the maternity money is commonly understand the amount of financial remuneration that is due to the woman during pregnancy and childbirth. The length of this period is strictly defined by law. So, in Russia the expectant mother, which soon awaits the birth of one baby gets sick for the period beginning exactly 10 weeks before the expected date of delivery and 10 weeks after that date.

In Ukraine this period slightly reduced – prenatal his part also amounts to 70 days, whereas postnatal only 56. If a Russian citizen is under the heart two or more children at the same time, she needs a maternity leave of a total duration of 194 days – it begins 12 weeks before the expected date of delivery and ends after 110 days after.

Sick leave for the duration of maternity leave and maternity give your hands the woman in «interesting» position for approximately 30 weeks. Although it reflects the exact range of dates of release from employment, this period is not always final. If the birth the young mother suffered premature or passed with complications, it can extend to 14 days in Ukraine and 16 days in Russia.

When required to pay maternity?

Когда выплачивают декретные?By law, employers must pay maternity when a woman will bring the hospital, not later than 10 days after delivery. Still, this «decade» begins when the accounting Department of the employer receives the original of sick leave and a written statement of future mothers, not since the start of the holiday.

Thus, each organization has the right to decide for themselves when to maternity pay and maternity leave. In some cases this payment is made in a separate statement, as in others devoted to the date of the next salary payment all employees of the company.


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