The temperature after vaccination

Температура у ребенка после прививкиTo do or not to vaccinate your child, every mother needs to decide. Often parents refuse vaccination because they fear of various complications and side effects, often arising after her, including raising or lowering body temperature.

In fact, if your child has a fever after vaccination, this in most cases is a perfectly normal reaction child’s body. In this article we will tell you why there is this symptom, and in what cases it is necessary to consult a doctor.

What to do if your child develops a fever after vaccination?

The goal of any vaccination is to form the crumbs are immune to pathogens of a particular disease. The condition of the baby immediately after vaccination can be compared with the disease which it protects occurring in the lightest form in which it is possible.

At this time the immune system is your child struggling with an infectious disease that can be accompanied by fever or a slight fever. Since everyone’s body is different, the reaction to the vaccine may be completely different. In addition, the number of side effects and their severity also depends on the quality of the administered drug and, in particular, its degree of purification.

Most young parents are interested in, what temperature need to knock down a child after vaccinations. Antipyretic drugs are commonly used when its value reaches 38 degrees. If we are talking about weak or premature baby, the doctor may advise the use of similar medicines already in excess of 37.5 degrees. To reduce fever after vaccination can be by means such as children’s Panadol syrup, candles Tsefekon and so on.

Температура у ребенка после прививкиIf the temperature does not change such medication, and the child feels worse and worse, it is necessary to call «fast» help and carefully follow all recommendations of doctors.

The reduced temperature after vaccination

Excessively low body temperature of the baby after vaccination, especially if its value falls below 35.6 degrees, typically indicates a failure of the immune system after exposure to a child’s body. If for 1-2 days the temperature returns to normal values, it is necessary to show the baby to the doctor and undergo examination.


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