Why cats have bad breath?

Почему у кошки пахнет изо рта?

Halitosis is an unpleasant smell from the cats mouth that can be caused by diseases of the teeth, oral cavity or internal organs of the animal.

As a rule, to smell the cat breath should not, if the microorganisms in the oral cavity cope and maintain a normal state of the microflora. The breath becomes unpleasant, if you begin to multiply pathogenic bacteria.

The cause of the bad smell

Bad smell may be caused by problems in the oral cavity – stomatitis, dental stone, injury of the gums. Gum disease can be caused by malocclusion, infections, improper diet. Soft food leaves plaque, decay, and leads to the formation of Tartar. It damages the gums and can cause tooth loss. To prevent the owner must inspect the cavity of the animal, once a week to clean his teeth, remove Tartar from your veterinarian and feed the pet correctly.

Usually problems in the oral cavity suffer from animals older than five years.

If gum, cavity and teeth all in order, bad smell may be due to diseases of the kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal tract.

For young cats up to one year unpleasant smell, probably caused by the malocclusion or mucosal damage foreign object. Animals of middle age often suffer from Tartar or teeth damage, which is accompanied by unpleasant mouth odor. Cat elderly at risk of neoplastic diseases in the oral cavity, diseases of internal organs, diabetes.

The nature of the odor can help identify diseased organ.

Why do cats breath smells like rotten? The smell of rotten meat, most likely indicates liver damage. This can quickly lead to frequent consumption of fatty foods. The smell of ammonia indicates kidney disease. The smell of rotting, decay, garbage says about diseases of the stomach, intestines or esophagus. In diabetes there is a strong acetone smell.

Почему у кошки пахнет изо рта?

If odor is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • thirst and frequent urination;
  • vomiting, yellowing of the sclera of the eye;
  • drooling and inflamed gums;
  • frequent itching around the mouth,

need to go to the vet.

In any of such cases to help the animal yourself is impossible – you need to go to the clinic. The vet will determine the cause of the bad smell, prescribe individual treatment, and will lead the cat up.


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