What original to give to a son-in-law on February 23?

Что оригинальное подарить зятю на 23 февраля?

23 February is a special date. On this day women congratulate the representatives of the stronger sex. Fatherland’s defender’s day turned into a day special attention is paid to all men, as the keepers of peace in the family and in the country. If the gift you need to choose son-in-law, it’s harder than husband or son. You need to make a decent gift and not offend the person who became a member of your family. It is important to maintain a good relationship with a man, on which depends the happiness of my daughter, and who became or will the father of your grandchildren.

What to give brother-in-law on defender of the Fatherland Day?

Whatever the man was, skilful or not, to receive a gift set of tools, a screwdriver or drill, he will be happy. Even if he already has the tool – from new, he just could not resist.

You can always give clothes – sweater, shirt or t-shirt with trendy print – the young man surely such a gift will like it. Son-in-law will be pleased to receive a gift of an electric razor, this mother-in-law will emphasize their desire to care for him.

You need to think, what does the son-in-law, and to give him something for his hobby. It can be a spinning reel or fishing rod, inflatable boat for the fishing enthusiast.

Always useful to man portable grill, rotisserie or barbecue area. After all, the picnic is selected by each family at least sometimes. When the son-in-law a car enthusiast, accessory for machines will always be an appropriate gift for him. You can buy autocruise heated, plastic table on the steering wheel, the aroma of the air, a massage Mat on the chair, keychain breathalyzer, or a fan.

Gambling-law fit as a gift a Board game – chess, backgammon, puzzles, table casino, Darts. The man who is inseparable with the computer, be glad the radio-controlled mouse, the original flash drive. To congratulate son-in-law and delicious gift – a barrel of honey, a package of good tea or coffee. Original gift on the Day of defender of the Fatherland will be the bag «sack lunch» — smoked sausages, cheeses, canned delicacies.

On February 23 to give the son-in-law can be a pleasant souvenir that will be inexpensive and original. Chose an unusual alarm clock, e-book, a souvenir ashtray, the lighter, a metal flask, thermos, downy mittens. Office workers can always use a good Notepad, a stylish pen, quality paper folder or a tie.

Toilet water, a razor or the means to care for the son-in-law is also appropriate to give for he to mother-in-law as his own son, it’s easy to please him.

Lover of Hiking need to have a good powerful flashlight, aluminum kettle, compass, sleeping bag, cooler bag or folding chair. For use during the summer holidays would be useful or fins set scuba diving.

Generic gifts are considered to be beer mugs, wine glasses, fancy bottles of liquor.

Any man will love a broom for a bath, a hat for the pair and he will have the occasion to visit with friends in the sauna.

Что оригинальное подарить зятю на 23 февраля?

Something to impress the future son-in-law?

Future son-in-law on February 23, it is desirable to give something generalized, which is suitable for all men have not yet come to know him better.
It can be movie tickets, a concert or the theatre, certificate for the restaurant, skating rink or bowling alley, a leather purse, a good book. It will be nice if the future mother-in-law bake a cake and just invite the groom to the guests. So you can get close and place the young man to his future family.

At first glance, choosing a gift is difficult, but if you look at the man who carefully study all his Hobbies and desires, you will definitely find something that you can give as a gift.


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