Aquarium fish: care and maintenance

Аквариумные рыбки: уход и содержание

The content of the aquarium is an interesting and responsible job. Fish sneaked into the house aesthetic pleasure and peace, being engaged in their cultivation, can still make money. But first you need to create a home living area optimal conditions for the inhabitants.

Compatible aquarium fish

Proper care of aquarium fish should take into account the different content requirements depending on the form of a fish, describing their behavior and compatibility.

In the aquarium can not only get along with fish of the same species, but different individuals.

Compatible fish in the aquarium is an important condition on which will depend its beauty and health.

For compatibility aquarium fish that are in the home pond should have similar requirements for maintenance and care.
The first parameter compatibility – the whimsicality. Should not be housed together whimsical tropical fish most hardy and simple.

The second parameter is temperature. Some species of fish sensitive to temperature fluctuations in the aquarium need to pick up the fish with the same temperature requirements and to provide them with optimal conditions with the help of thermostat. You should not combine a cold-water species, heat-loving. For example, decorative gold can be kept together with the veiltail, orange and telescopes. These individuals love cool water at 21 degrees.

The third parameter is the temperament. It is impossible to hold together an aggressive and peaceful fish. In this case, predatory species pursue peace, and if there is a difference in size, they can eat more timid. Sometimes even predatory fish of the same species can eat each other. For example, piranhas – they cannot be combined with any of the species of fish. For two dozen piranhas need an aquarium 700 HP Can eat even the weak individuals from their flocks.

Another important parameter is the collective species of fish. The school single individuals could end badly. Alone, these fish will feel uncomfortable and may die. For example, peaceful individual — the platypus, zebrafish, copper tetras, black neons, Philomena. They live collectively, so they need to have for a few individuals.

Caring for aquarium fish

In caring for fish is important correct feeding. It is advisable to give food one to two times daily in the amount that fish will eat in 10-20 minutes. We have to feed them at one time and in one place. Siphon it is better to remove uneaten food and to prevent contamination. The diet needs to be different – dry, vegetable, or frozen bloodworms.

Correct and quality care for all types of aquarium fish is cleaning their habitat and regular partial water changes. Once a week you need to change 20% of the total volume of water. Before it to defend it 2-3 days to get rid of all the chlorine fumes. Complete replacement of water is very rare – it is undesirable for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Аквариумные рыбки: уход и содержание

The ground is constantly clean siphon from food residues and waste products, otherwise in the aquarium can be disrupted biological balance.

To provide the fish with the comfortable existence is necessary in the aquarium have a heater, aeration, lighting, soil, plants.
It is important to not overpopulate the aquarium fish. For every inch of adult fish on average there should be one and a half liters of water, and for some types even more.

Aquarium fish – a great opportunity to create a corner of nature at home. Considering all recommendations for care, and properly combining the inhabitants of the aquarium, its content is not too much trouble.


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