Food after exercise for weight loss: what can I eat women

When losing weight, diet plays the most important role. Grueling exercise, pills, teas for weight loss are only an addition towards your goal, but no substitute for the correct approach to eating. What should one eat post workout for weight loss? This question is raised by many newcomers to the training process when she was engaged a long time in the gym, do not see the results of their efforts. Having listened to the valuable recommendations of nutritionists and bodybuilders, you will achieve good results.

What should be the diet after exercise

Physical activity allow you to spend a lot of energy and calories. With proper diet fat stores will be consumed at lightning speed. If your nutrition after an intense workout to lose weight consists of fatty foods, the weight decline will be. Ingested fats should be revised, it needs to organize the deficit: eat less, and expend more calories. Under these conditions, the body is forced to consume its fat stores.

How to eat after a workout? After sports, you must force the body to continue to burn excess fat, but to refresh the muscles require protein, so after exercise consume dietary protein food. This includes: low fat cottage cheese, chicken breast, Turkey, eggs, vegetable salad. Such products do not contain extra fat, harmful carbohydrates.

What you can eat

Physical activity in the gym involve the consumption of fats, so no need to hurry to eat after class, let the body get energy from their savings. What to eat after workout to burn fat? Way of eating after exercise is directly affected:

  • from the type of load;
  • intensity exercise;
  • time of day training (evening or morning);
  • the duration of the practice;
  • characteristics of the organism;
  • sex and age of the person.

Bodybuilders are advised to consume a dish on the perfect recipe, mixing these ingredients:

  • sugar – 2 tbsp;
  • banana – 2 PCs.;
  • cottage cheese – 200 gr.

The food after the cardio

After the cardio comes intense calorie burning, increased metabolism, making fat burning starts. In order not to disturb this process, it is necessary to observe the correct approach to nutrition after exercise for weight loss. Only properly combined exercise with diet will give a good result in the fight with the hated kilograms, will affect the growth of muscle mass.

Many are concerned about: can I eat cheese after physical exertion? Experienced athletes find this product one of the most important in post-exercise diet. Imagine that and when you can eat after workouts in the form of a table:

№ p/p

Type of load

The time of day

Recommended products

How long not to eat after workout to lose weight






Banana, kefir, tea with honey.

Cottage cheese, boiled meat, buckwheat.

40 min.


Green Apple, egg, buckwheat.

Boiled fish, rye bread, brown rice.

1.5 hours




Boiled chicken breast, buckwheat, vegetables.

Eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, greens, vegetables.

2 hours


Rice, steamed vegetables, egg.

Lean beef, buckwheat, fresh vegetables.

1 hour




Cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, low-fat cheese.

Fish, fresh vegetables, banana.

30 min.


Vegetable dinner: salad from cucumbers and cabbage.

Vegetables, any fruit.

30 min.


Aerobic exercise


Citrus: oranges, grapefruit.

Buckwheat, yogurt, brisket and Turkey.

1 hour


Yogurt, steamed vegetables.

Boiled potatoes, boiled chicken.

30 min.

Food after weight training

If you decide to add to the diet exercise with weight lifting and power loads, it is necessary to know when and what to eat after a workout. The task of losing weight the athlete is not to give the body extra energy, to maximally exhausted their body fat. What products are necessary to receive after a workout to help you lose weight, are presented in the form of a table:

№ p/p

Fruit with low starch and sugars

Fast-absorbing protein



Whey protein isolate (sold in stores sportpitanie)



Cottage cheese



Stewed legumes



Boiled chicken eggs






Yogurt and other dairy products

How long after a workout you can eat to lose weight

Within half an hour after the training session in the rocking chair comes carbohydrate window, in which through the consumption of food is spent on early restoration of vital resources. When you should be eating after a workout? Many athletes who want to lose weight, start to eat after a workout in the gym to have time to invest in that time and to properly close the process. For quick weight loss, rather than as a set of muscles you need to consume proteins and carbohydrates. Next normal meal after the workout comes in a few hours.

What to drink

During the fitness man then loses large amounts of fluid, therefore to renew its reserves in the body, do not forget about drinking regime. Especially if you are on a two-hour abstinence from food for weight loss. The liquid is allowed to drink as soon as you have stopped to train. Many are concerned about can I drink coffee after a workout? A list of suitable drink, which this drink does not include:

  • not carbonated mineral or purified water;
  • juices, preferably freshly squeezed;
  • green tea;
  • milk from seeds and nuts;
  • special sports drinks.

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