Strap slimming abdomen and body: how to do exercise

Fast to lose weight, tighten muscles, and increase overall body tone is the dream of every person. She will remain a Chimera for those who do not know one generic exercise. This is strap for quick weight loss. It affects all the major muscles that are continually overload the day, and eliminates fatigue. Exercise can people of any age and as many times as possible.

What is an exercise plank

The plank exercise is taken a fixed position as for pushups, and stand can not only direct the hands, divorced at shoulder width, but also on the elbows. It all depends on the load that the person is able to withstand at the primary level. How many calories is the bar? Performing the classic version, you will get rid of 8 kcal per repeat, and at advanced – from 12 kcal. Different types of bars operate differently, but the volumes go by extracting the body’s energy from fats. The process involved in answer strap red muscle fibers.

How to do plank correctly

For correctness of the conduct of the exercise observe a few basic rules:

  1. Keep the pelvis elevated – this should be fixed throughout the exercise.
  2. For stable position operate their feet in socks.
  3. Do not bend knees, do not arch your back.
  4. Do not tilt the head, do not press your chin to your chest.
  5. Keep the scapula pressed against the spine, so they were not above the body.
  6. Keep your elbows in a vertical plane were strictly under the shoulder joints.

Plank exercises for slimming stomach

Strap can run in the standard form, but there are varieties of this useful exercises for slimming stomach. Try the most effective of them. The first hour on the elbows for the abs, which is:

  1. Select your floor space roomier and adopt a sleeping position.
  2. Then take the push-up position, bending at the elbows.
  3. Pull the body from head to toe in a straight line.
  4. Achieve a stable position when the body is supported only by your forearms and toes.
  5. Straining the abdominal muscles, stay in this position for as long as you can.

Classic strap is more effective for weight loss is a side-version of it, when the points of support is smaller, only 2. The order of execution is as follows:

  1. Lie on the side where you want to begin the exercise.
  2. Elbow set strictly by the shoulder line that the angle was straight.
  3. Another hand put on thigh.
  4. Climb above the floor, tighten the abdominal muscles.
  5. Straighten your body in one line, as if you were the diagonal joining the corners of the rectangle.
  6. For the first time, it is recommended to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. Then you can increase this time.
  7. For other side repeat the same points.

Static exercises

Perform static exercises involve the body in red muscle fibers that are better able to cope with fat, because we take them for energy. Such gymnastics is not at full strength, the opposite of strength training are forced to work white muscle, the function of which is the development of strength and growth. For this reason, static exercises are more effective at fighting fat, but also power should not be ignored – the complex of both will help you lose weight even faster.

For the back

If the posture is beautiful and tight and the stomach protrudes less, so special attention is given to the spinal muscular frame, which will help strengthen the following static exercises for the back:

  1. «Boat». Adopt the prone position, straighten your arms forward or fold behind his head. Gently bend your back, trying to pull his hands up. Repeat these deflections up to 8 times.
  2. «Hips up». Lie on your back, hands can leave along the body or separate. Bend your legs at the knees. Gently tear off the hips from the floor to straighten into a straight line. Hold on a minute. In addition you train your back buttocks and belly.
  3. «Plank with straight arms». The position for this exercise is similar to the classical version of the plank, only your arms should be straightened as if you are preparing for the push UPS, but with palms directly below the elbows. Should form a right angle between your hands and the floor. Do as much as you can, preferably in 2-3 sets.


Exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, are not limited to 2 types of strap, although she also has several varieties, press the load even more. Try a few effective:

  1. «Six inches». Accept the supine position. Keep legs straight, leave arms lying on the sides. Without jerking, lift the heel to a height of approximately 15 cm. Try not to lose this position for about 30 seconds. Make up to 8 approaches.
  2. «Side plank crunches with complication». Take the classic position for side planks. Tear yourself away from the floor and lift the hand and foot that you do not rely. Linger as long as possible. On the other side repeat the same steps.
  3. «Plank and lifted leg». This exercise still reduces the area of support. Starting position as for the standard plank, only when you hold down the position need off the floor the leg so she continued straight line of the body. To withstand as much as you can and immediately repeat for the other leg.

Video tutorial: plank to belly


Natalia, 26 years old

We are all human work, because time at the gym is not enough. A couple of weeks ago I decided to look for some short exercises to do before bed. The query immediately went exercise «Plank». I tried and can’t break away. My record is 2 minutes and a minus 4 cm in size. In just 3 weeks. Try.

Tatiana, 42 years old

I thought effective exercises for older people does not exist until it was to perform the most different racks. Results in a reduced amount of so I was encouraged that I was interested in all the static exercises. They really burn fat faster, thus require little time. Advise.

Alexander, 31 years old

As a fitness trainer I recommend static exercises, and the bar especially to all its customers. We include them in complex physical activity in addition to strength training. All customers are satisfied, and one is particularly resistant were able to reduce the waist by 5 cm in just 10 days. I recommend!

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