Gel for eyebrows: best transparent and colored locking means

Creating the ideal image that girls use a lot of different cosmetic products. They want to look chic. Gel for eyebrows appeared in the Arsenal of beauties recently. It is intended to retain the desired shape during the day. The trend of natural eyebrows. To lay the hairs in the right direction, it is necessary to remove the excess and paint in desired color, using a special gel. It is used for the following purposes:

  • Styling.
  • For fixing.
  • To create a modeling effect.
  • To care. Used for growth, nutrition of the hairs.
  • To give the desired hue is the color gel.
  • A gloss – transparent with small sparkling particles.

Fixing gel for eyebrows

As the name suggests, these gels are designed to maintain a given shape of the eyebrows. For simulating the effect of makeup artists use wax, but it’s inferior to the gel in the fixing property. On the market – a huge range of funds. To understand how they differ, what are the benefits of each, it is difficult. Detailed description popular gels for eyebrows will help to make the right choice and not get lost in variety.

Art visage

This remedy deserves attention. The manufacturer claims the gel, as a universal tool. Is applied to simulate eyebrow day. And at night and applied on eyelashes for growth and maintenance. The composition includes a complex of vitamins and D-panthenol to moisturize and protect. Eyebrows and eyelashes have the desired form under the action functional brush. Gel «Art make up» does not have its own color. Suitable for use under the pencil or the shadow. Another nice bonus is the low price.


Is a toning gel. In the color palette consisting of five shades will easily find the one that suits you. The shape of the eyebrows under the action of the NYX Eyebrow Gel is stored during the day. This product has a waterproof property. Convenient dispenser tube helps squeeze desired amount of gel. The volume tube of 10 ml will last a long time.


Create beautiful eyebrows with this tool will have no difficulty. Light texture is perfectly placed, leaves no lumps. After drying it does not form unwanted white patches and eyebrows have a natural look without the wet Shine. Presented in transparent and colored version. Blondes perfect blonde color, and burning brunettes – brown gel. This product is another means for fixing brow gel marker, is able to create a well-groomed appearance due to a convenient applicator.


This tool performs several functions. You can use modeling tools for brows and gel as a conditioner for eyelashes. In the latter case, improves growth. The advantage is that the gel is recommended for use for sensitive skin. The essence is hypoallergenic. When applied to eyelashes as a serum under mascara provides extra volume and proper care. This gel keeps its shape perfectly. Among the shortcomings noted the smell of money, which not everyone likes.

Vivien szabó

The manufacturer focuses on a convenient brush, which is able to subdue even unruly hairs. Low cost, good fixing properties has provided this tool popular among a wide range of consumers. Gel basis and special component of PVP help in achieving the desired effect from an ostentatiously ruffled appearance to perfectly set hairs to the hairs of the eyebrows. Formulated with beneficial ingredients provides care and protection. Gel Vivien szabó presented in transparent and colored versions.


The legendary cosmetic company NARS has a product Brow Gel. On price tags and in the description online stores this product is designated as a mascara for eyebrows. In appearance it resembles the latter. The brush has a pointed shape, which is useful in the study of narrow sections. Available in transparent and brown colors.


This company has a large selection of products for eyebrows and eyelashes. Gel Brow Sculpting Gel enhances your own color. Light texture provides long-lasting, maintains shape eyebrows for a long time. The transparent gel is suitable for everyone, if necessary, color shadow or pencil. The firm produces another unique product is the pomade for eyebrows. Sounds strange, but according to the creators, it is capable to replace at once three products: gel, pencil and powder.


Gel for eyebrows Brow This Way from Rimmel is available in a volume of 5 ml with a handy brush. Besides transparent color, which is universal he is represented in following colours: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown. Perfectly simulates the eyebrows, leaving them soft and separated. Covers evenly and gives extra volume. The thin brush allows you to control the amount applied.

The lumen

The product of firm «Lumene» has a gel-like texture that contains no fragrances, parabens. Captures graceful curve, creating a natural effect. The manufacturer recommends this product for eyebrow tattooing. It consists of the seed oil of Arctic blueberry, providing proper care. Used as a standalone tool, and as a base under makeup.


Professional tool for eyebrows. Expensive means that are in the same price range as the similar product from benefit. Coloring gel, available in four shades (Auburn, Brunette, Chocolate, Espresso), suitable for owners of rare eyebrows, as they are able to fill the empty spaces. Transparent variant is traditionally used to shape, subdue unruly hairs.


Brush this gel has a unique design. In one motion you model give a touch of color. This product is available in two colors: light brown and dark brown. Distinctive quality – good resistance of the product. Smudge after application dries quickly and lasts all day. Eyebrows look natural and neat.


This gel is presented in light brown. Nice creamy texture that is able to paint over every hair, and the intervals between them. The brush has a spiral shape and in comparison with others (for example, MAC) larger size. The tip is pointed. Compared to the expensive options has a nice price, but not inferior to them in quality.

How to use the gel for eyebrows

It is not enough to buy a good tool, you have to imagine how to use it. Incorrect application and typical mistakes can spoil the entire result. Step by step instructions and detailed comments given in the video below, will make the process of makeup easy and enjoyable. Acquainted with all the advantages and nuances of usage, you can easily make your eyebrows obedient, neat, well groomed.


Catherine, 20 years

I have the nature of light sparse eyebrows. Before he met gel from Catrice, makeup only used a pencil and I’m very sorry about it now. To achieve such a stunning effect, like a gel, it doesn’t. I liked the fact that with the help of gel can easily achieve a natural look or create a more vibrant makeup for the evening, or photo shoot. Definitely recommend this product.

Nina, 35 years

Searched the store wax for eyebrows, but didn’t find necessary, decided on the gel. The choice fell on Fluorescent lamps. Affordable price and the assurance of the seller, good quality. Over the years various tools for eyebrows is the best. Always helps when you need to quickly freshen up, and with a baby it happens all the time. The most important thing for me is calm throughout the day for the appearance of my eyebrows. Can I be sure that color and shape will remain unchanged.

Lina, 27 years old

My hard and protruding eyebrows to tame the strength is not every remedy. On the recommendation of a friend tried gel from Oriflame, but he and his task failed. In comparison, recently bought Rimmel Brow This Way, is much more interesting. Rigid fixation with it is difficult to achieve, but nevertheless 7 hours I can’t pay attention to eyebrows. The tool is good, but I’ll look for a stronger locking effect.

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