Gonorrhea: symptoms in men and early signs of chronic disease

Infection with gonorrhoea is sexually transmitted. The causative agent of this disease is the gonococcus. Dangerous sexually transmitted disease affects the urethra, the rectum, throat and eyes. When actively developing gonorrhoea symptoms in men occur after 3-4 days after unprotected sexual intercourse. After reading this article, you will learn about all the signs that indicate the presence of infection. The information obtained will help you get a General idea about the disease and learn to take appropriate action at the first sign of symptoms.

How does gonorrhea in men

Dangerous venereal disease simultaneously affects many organs and systems of the male body. Asymptomatic infection is very rare, only in 10% of cases. The reason for this is the antibiotics. Powerful pharmaceutical drugs lead to changes in the biological properties of gonococci, resulting in the transformation process of the disease. As for the open development of infection, it is accompanied by a mass of symptoms that are impossible not to notice. They should know about every sexually active person.

The first signs

After a period of incubation period of 2-5 days, the first signs of gonorrhea in men. Typically, the lesion begins with of the genitourinary system. The most common manifestation of the disease is gonorrheal urethritis. In addition, many men on day 5-7 after infection, a fever and slight malaise. Quickly identify disease and prescribe effective treatment is not always possible. In most cases, men seek the help of doctors, when there are more alarming symptoms.

Discharge member

Developing purulent urethritis makes itself felt in another 3-4 days. See white pus from the penis. In some cases, gonorrheal mucus becomes yellow-green. Purulent substance that signals the presence of dangerous sexually transmitted infection, spontaneously appears on underwear or acts with pressure on the head. The man who discovered yellow or white discharge from the penis, should immediately go to the hospital. The sooner you intervene, the specialists, the easier it will be to treat a dangerous disease.

In the mouth

After oral sex with an infected partner gonorrhea impress the oral cavity. In such cases, infected men develop gonorrheal pharyngitis/stomatitis. Usually, these complications occur in homosexuals. Pharyngitis in the majority of cases are asymptomatic, but sometimes patients feel an unpleasant sensation in the throat and complain of profuse salivation. There may also be difficulty swallowing. At first, gonorrhea of the throat does not cause significant discomfort, however, cannot be ignored, otherwise the consequences will be grievous.

Symptoms of chronic gonorrhea

With the development of chronic gonorrhea acute symptoms in men missing. Inflammation develops unnoticed, but sometimes the condition is exacerbated. Each outbreak leads to a change in the structure of affected organs. In addition, almost always there is the characteristic symptom, an indicator of chronic gonorrhea – «morning drop syndrome». After a night’s sleep in the opening of the urethra appears a small amount of cloudy substance in which visible pus. Running form of chronic gonorrhea causes pain during urination.

Diagnosis of the disease

The process of identifying gonorrhoea involves a wide range of activities. At first, the doctors take note of complaints seeking help from men, and then conduct sophisticated laboratory analyses. If specialist suspected gonorrhea, he sends the patient to the study of the secretions from the opening of the urethra. To do this, take a swab for gonorrhea. The study of urethral samples allows to detect the pathogens of gonorrhea with a probability of about 90%.

The maximum validity of a study ensures that the method of inoculation of microflora of the genital secretions. Material taken for analysis, is placed in a special nutrient medium suitable for microorganisms. Within a few days of laboratory specialists see the development of the flora, and then make the final diagnosis based on the obtained information.

Video: what is gonorrhea in men

This video contains useful information about the penetration of gonococci in the body and their further development. After reviewing it, you will learn how dangerous is gonorrhea symptoms in men. This information will help you to protect yourself from a common problem – the uncontrolled development of the disease because of ignorance.

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