Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2016: favorable and bad days

In December, each woman weight pre-holiday hassle. You need to buy unique gifts, clean the house, decorate the Christmas tree. In this bustle the woman often forgets that should take care of yourself. Here and there are throwing – when is the best time to cut hair… to Help in choosing the right days can lunar calendar haircuts on December 2016. Heeding the advice of astrologers, you will achieve the best result. So, when you can cut hair in December 2016?

Calendar cutting hair in December 2016 for days

The moon (rising) in the sign Capricorn:

01.12 (2, 3 lunar day)

The first days of the lunar month a good haircut will give new strength. Whatever you decide to do – it will have a positive impact on health. Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2016 will tell, why a night light will help the growth of both hair and material well-being.

02 (3, 4)

The fourth lunar day is not the best time for shearing, it will be not so pleasant, as expected.

03 (4, 5)

According to the lunar calendar haircuts on December 2016 not to go to the hairdresser. The changes are not such as you hope.

The moon (rising) in the sign Aquarius:

04 (5, 6)

Experiment, making the most unusual hairstyles. But a simple cut is not recommended. It will fail, and the hair will lose strength, become unruly, may start to fall.

05 (6, 7)

Haircut on the growing moon will improve health and attract wealth.

The moon (rising) in the sign Pisces:

06 (7, 8)
The sign affects the scalp. Haircut can lead to dandruff. Useful day can be if damaged or thin strands. A visit to the Barber for the strengthening of procedures will be effective. Haircut lunar calendar can enhance intuition.

The moon (first quarter) in the sign Aries:

07 (8, 9)

It is undesirable to get a haircut. Locks may lose their health and good appearance, will begin to fall.

Moon (growing) in Aries:

08 (9, 10)

The ninth lunar day appropriate for sostegaria strands that will help to avoid various troubles, ailments. The Orb of night grows and activates hair follicles.

09 (10, 11)

Strands is better not to shear off, or can be split ends. A trip to the hairdresser would negatively affect the health.

10 (11, 12)

Haircut on 11 day of the moon will help improve health and protect against negative energy.

Moon (growing) in Taurus:

11 (12, 13)

Taurus improves health, if you do the strands in this day, they will find the power stop falling out.

12 (13, 14)

Cutting hair helps improve the health.

Moon (growing) in Gemini:

13 (14, 15)

The twins have almost no influence on the condition of the strands. Haircut will help them grow faster, but they will be rebellious to the comb. If I cut my hair on the fourteenth day of the moon, you will lose peace of mind, will become unnecessary fears and worsen the mental state.

The moon in Gemini, full moon:

14 (15, 16)

Shortening the length can affect health. To get a boost of energy – straighten your curls.

The moon (waning) in Cancer:

15 (16, 17)

Cancer hair promises a lot of trouble. To cut costs, if you want to eliminate attention from the annoying relatives or yourself want to stop too take care of someone. 16 lunar day of mowing may adversely affect the endocrine and circulatory systems.

16 (17, 18)

On the 17th day of the moon take a haircut, if you think about significant changes.

The moon (waning) in the sign of Leo:

17 (18, 19)

The constellation of the Lion will help the hair become more dense and lush. The perfect time to go to the hair salon. Haircut will attract good luck, help you become more energetic. On the 18th day of the moon it will give extra energy, will have a positive effect on the lungs.

18 (19, 20)

Podstrigach if you want to attract the energy and luck. On the 19th day of the moon haircut is strongly not recommended, it can harm your health.

The moon (waning) in Virgo:

19 (20, 21)

Astrological horoscope says that Virgo is favorable to fast growth of hair. Haircut will retain their shape longer without split ends, allowing hair to become filled with new vigor.

20 (21)

21 lunar day helps to cure diseases, not only to go to the dentist. Metal jewelry allows the hair to absorb the energy of space.

Moon (third quarter) in the sign Libra:

21 (21 and 22)

Make a new haircut would greatly improve your credibility, change hair style will be reflected positively on health, especially on lungs. Otstegat but not much, because the waning moon hair don’t grow fast.

The moon (waning) in the sign Libra:

22 (22 and 23)

23 lunar day is not suitable for trimming, if you do not want to attract trouble. If you dare, I don’t do very short length.

23 (23 and 24)

A new haircut will be relevant, it will attract positive energy, and the hair will remain for a long time.

The moon (waning) in the sign Scorpio:

24 (24 and 25)

Unstable sign. Hair style changes will affect relationships with the opposite sex, but in what direction is unknown. 25 lunar day threat – sostoyanie hair can result in poor psychological condition.

25 (25 and 26)

Haircut owners is weakened and liquid hair, they are after a trip to the hairdresser becomes much thicker. On the 26th day of the moon it is better not to get a haircut, otherwise the depression will engulf your mind.

The moon (waning) in the sign Sagittarius:

26 (26 and 27)

If there is a desire to preserve the hair for a long time, then do not go to the hairdresser. Otherwise it will only get worse — after upgrading the hair instantly grow back, but obedience will not be different. 27 lunar day, the length of the hair will enhance the charisma and appeal that will add points for society and will increase the popularity.

27 (27 and 28)

Shortening the length of the strands on the 28th day of the moon will impact on your longevity and physical activity. Choose a simple hair style to attract the energy of nature.

28 (28 and 29)

A trip to the hairdresser will give a chance to assert themselves, become more confident. Short hair should choose girls who plan to change their life principles.

The moon in Capricorn, new moon:

29 (29, 30 and 1)

Sostoianie will give strength and health to the strands. Hair will become stronger, will have less split ends. However, 1 lunar day is not the best time for innovation. Ancient legends say: how many hair will lose people this day, and so will reduce its life.

Moon (growing) in Capricorn:

30 (1 and 2)

Podstrigli the growing phase of the moon will contribute to the growth of the strands, will attract the energy of health that will lead to the renewal of the whole organism.

Moon (growing) in Aquarius:

31 (2 and 3)

According to the lunar calendar haircuts on December 2016 last day of the month is suitable for experiments with unusual variations. A trip to the hairdresser on the 3rd day of the moon draws the material energy.

Auspicious days for haircuts

The new moon is the best time for decisive changes in hairstyle or color. If the night star is in the constellation of Gemini, it was a good day for haircuts, expect the best results. Favourable for experiments with short strands will be days of growth of the moon, i.e. the period from the first to the twelfth of December. For haircuts medium length is best to choose a date after the seventeenth.

Lunar calendar hair coloring

01.12. 2016

If you have a desire to refresh the color, use natural paint. Then you will be able to achieve success at work.


Do not neglect natural colours. The energy of mother nature can improve health, stimulates brain function, preserve family harmony and stable position at work.


If you make a painting with natural substances, it will improve your efficiency and activates entrepreneurial start.


5 lunar day successfully completed any experiments with non-standard tinting or dyeing. You like crimson curls, but didn’t? This is your chance. 6 it is better to refrain from staining, Outlook bleak – there is a chance to provoke a conflict with loved ones or colleagues.


The first half of the day is suitable for experimenting with bright colors, but late in the evening forget it – or scandal in the family or at work cannot be avoided.


Staining will give you sexuality. You will become more confident.


Horoscope Barber warns: 8th lunar day should not wear makeup, or suffer honor.


Will suit natural tones, they will add strength in the battle against disease and repel the negative.


Colouring with natural dyes like henna which will give the chance for the bonus in the form of good relationship to you superiors.


Do not neglect natural dyes, they attracted good luck in solving hard business issues.


Taurus comes to color experimentation, you can paint the gray hair. The use of natural colors will attract the energy of money.


Forget about hair coloring.


Even if you decide to paint just one lock, bring fortune and victory in business is guaranteed.


Parasites in a dark color, to wall themselves from the problems.


Selecting a dark tone and full paint, you will achieve harmony with yourself.


Become a blonde or a red jinx, then your significance at work and in the family will increase significantly.


Choose a color that you painted in the best of times, then you will be able to return to that prosperous time.


Natural dye will attract new business contacts.


If you don’t want to ruin a good mood, forget about staining.


Light tone — this is what you need if you want to attract the right people.


To improve the well-being of natural color will help.


Leave the staining to a friend, then the positive, the joy will be with you.


If You are looking for a job or want to impress the boss, make hair dark.


Better not paint if you don’t want to cause conflict with loved ones or undermine the position in society.


Choose a natural color, natural dye, if ahead of an important meeting, and you must look your best.


Decide on a radical color change, then you will attract the energy of health and financial well-being.


Light paint strokes on the strands will help to stabilize the situation in the society.


Forget about staining, otherwise will lead to financial collapse.


The use of natural colors will give the opportunity to maintain good relations with others.


Natural dyes will bring financial prosperity.


Natural dye will give a chance to climb the career ladder.

Haircut for Oracle

If you want a great haircut, it is best to follow the recommendations of astrologers and to choose the days of haircuts on the lunar calendar. You will make the strands strong and thick, give them energy. When to cut hair? For correct calculation according to the lunar calendar haircuts to December 2016 need to know the zodiac, the presence of the moon and the influence of planets on your character. The duration of the phases of the moon – about a week, which gives the possibility to predict.

A growing Orb of night is favorable for new businesses, including changing hairstyles, hair color, manicure and pedicure. Especially suited the last day of the month, when the Moon is reborn. Solstice is suitable for major changes, because it promotes activity of hair follicles. If you cut your hair during the new moon or the full moon, it could have very unpleasant consequences.

Video: when to cut hair

In the story the author Natalia Pakhomova will tell you how to make it so that when you change hair styles your hair grow faster and how not to hurt the hair, choosing the wrong time of day to visit the hairdresser. Hair she focuses on the lunar calendar, the author tells why you should listen to the ancient Oracle and is defined as the phase of the moon for cutting hair.

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