Therapeutic anti-dandruff shampoo in the pharmacy: a review of effective means

Excessive exfoliation of the particles of the scalp causes discomfort to any person. Pathology develops due to external negative influences, disturbances in the body or local defects, and therefore requires a comprehensive treatment approach. The first thing to do is buy a medicated dandruff shampoo from the pharmacy. It is easy to use and combines hygienic function with healing.

How to get rid of dandruff

How long tested folk recipes for the treatment of diseases of the scalp – do not count. Economic or tar soap, pepper, baking soda, onion – the enumeration is endless. But who knows whether one of the means to a specific person and how? It is better to use a proven method and buy a medicated shampoo from the annoying dandruff in the pharmacy, not in the conventional cosmetics store.

How to choose a medicated shampoo

Sold in cosmetic departments hair care products can only prevent flaking of the scalp. The medicinal dandruff shampoo in the pharmacy must meet other requirements. He shall:

  • to influence the mechanism of excessive flaking of the scalp, even when complicated forms of the disease, for example, seborrheic dermatitis;
  • to be safe and convenient;
  • to possess antifungal activity;
  • to resolve inflammation and excessive keratinization of the epithelium.


Therapeutic anti-dandruff shampoo in the drugstore is medicine. The composition should include ingredients that actively fight bacteria that cause flaking and seborrheic dermatitis. Among these components are highlighted:

  1. Zinc pyrithione is an antifungal substance that is actively influencing the nature of yeast-like pathogens.
  2. Climbazole and selenium disulfide – agents with effects similar to pyrithione.
  3. The octopirox control – the chemical structure of the substance DNA of the cells of the fungus. If the inside of the microorganisms will get a octopirox control, their normal operation will be disturbed, development will slow, and lack of reproduction.
  4. Clotrimazole is the substance that leads to complete destruction of yeast fungi.
  5. Ichthyol is an anti – inflammatory and antiseptic component having a peeling effect.
  6. Tar – tar organic matter, disinfecting the affected areas, increasing circulation.
  7. Salicylic acid is a component that inhibits sweat and sebaceous glands. Has exfoliating and antimicrobial action.

The most effective medicated shampoos

Remedies for dandruff is a wide range of expensive and cheap models that makes selecting the best one difficult. Each person has individual characteristics, so it is necessary to consider the composition of the drug, instructions for use and the type of hair. Getting on advertising tricks, you may buy medicated shampoo for dandruff and in the pharmacy. The tool will definitely bring the expected result, so you need to explore several options.


  1. Composition: ketoconazole, purified water, sodium chloride, etc.
  2. Indication: the complex treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, tinea versicolor.
  3. Application: 5 ml of product to RUB into the scalp, then apply on wet curls. Massage to foamed. Wash off after 5 minutes To reduce the symptoms of dandruff to use the drug during a month up to a frequency of 2 times per week.
  4. Price: 100ml worth R. 300-400


  1. Ingredients: bisabolol, piroctone olamine, active molecules.
  2. Indications: dandruff, itching, irritation of scalp.
  3. Application: dispense a dandruff Vichy Dercos on the palm and RUB their scalp and the hair itself. Pomassirovti, rinse with running water.
  4. Price: 600-700 R.


  1. Composition: birch tar, coconut oil, glycerin, perfume fragrance.
  2. Indications: psoriasis, seborrhea, itchy scalp, a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, fungal infections.
  3. Application: wet hair and apply the product. Massage for frothing, after 3 minutes rinse with warm water.
  4. Price: professional facility can cost 100-150 R.

Sullen Forte

  1. Composition: solsen extract, burdock root, conditioning additives.
  2. Indications: dandruff, disturbance of hair structure.
  3. Application: lather the product on wet hair, after 3 minutes rinse with warm water. Use three times a week for 1.5-2 months.
  4. Price: 100-120 R.


  1. Composition: medical yeast, zinc, vitamins.
  2. Indications: damaged, wiry and unruly hair, prevention of dandruff.
  3. Application: apply to wet hair, after massaging leave on for 10 minutes, then rinsed with running water. Allowed 2-single application in a single procedure. Can be used as a regular tool.
  4. Price: 300-400 R.


  1. Composition: ketoconazole, citric acid, perfume composition.
  2. Indications: increased oiliness of hair, dandruff, dull and brittle strands.
  3. Application: massage movements lather the shampoo into wet clean hair, then rinse with warm water.
  4. Price: 400-500 R.

What shampoo is better for dandruff

When buying shampoo, you must look at its composition and type of hair for which it is recommended to use the tool. The manufacturer indicates this information on the bottle. In addition, the separation is usual shampoos by age and sex. For children hair adults funds will be too aggressive, and shampoos for women and men have different fragrances.

For children

More suitable for hair of the child are the following tools:

  1. Triderm-zinc. The shampoo is a creamy white color with anti-fungal and anti-microorganisms effect. The primary component is zinc. Used in intensive hair loss, atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, lichen colored. Dandruff shampoo for kids is used to treat allergies. After foaming on wet hair it should be washed off with warm running water. Frequency of using – 2 times a week. Price 600-700 R.
  2. Nizoral. Antifungal dandruff in pharmacies. The main ingredient is ketoconazole. Indications include seborrhoeic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor and dandruff. Use can children from infancy to adolescents and adults. When seborrheic dermatitis shampoo to wash my head twice a week. The maximum course of treatment – a month. The price of the shampoo from 600 p.
  3. Friderm-tar. A good dandruff shampoo with coal tar. Recommend to use with seborrhea, acne, psoriasis, eczema. Before application shake. The first time, apply the shampoo, RUB and rinse. Second time to wait 3 minutes, and then rinse the head. The price – from 500 to 600 R.

For men

Rated shampoos for the stronger sex is represented by such means as:

  1. Nivea men. Good shampoo with natural bamboo extract effectively relieves dandruff. Recommended for daily use. Very affordable, its price is 150 p.
  2. Natura Siberica. The most powerful antiseptic with extract of oak moss in the composition. Kills fungus, eliminates dandruff. A small amount applied to hair. Pomassirovti a bit, rinse. Price from 300 rubles.
  3. Himalaya. Shampoo for hair dandruff. The composition is tea tree oil, moisturizing dry hair and reduces flaking. Allowed to use on a daily basis. Wet hair should apply the shampoo and after 2 minutes of massaging, rinse with warm water. The cost of funds from 150 to 200 R.

If dandruff appeared from shampoo

Use for shampooing for my hair type leads to further flaking of the skin. In such cases it is recommended to stop using shampoo. If the tool is new, then it’s probably just a reaction to the shift of the cleansing composition. Then it is necessary to observe some time – dandruff can pass itself. If that doesn’t happen, contact your specialist.

Prevention of seborrheic dermatitis

To prevent more serious conditions it is recommended to follow a few simple conditions:

  • the use of suitable detergents;
  • taking vitamins;
  • hygiene;
  • proper nutrition, elimination of allergens;
  • an active lifestyle and hardening;
  • the treatment of infectious diseases.

Feedback on the results of the application of

Irina, 25 years old

Used shampoo Alerana called, but for some reason it dandruff, I became even more. The pharmacy advised means «Horsepower». About it I was told many positive things, so decided to try. Hair become strong and shiny, the dandruff had forgotten it. The price is justified, so my advice to all women.

Svetlana, 33 years

Hair was lifeless, greasy quickly. Tried everything, even solid shampoo with medicinal mud of Saki lake. Decided to go to the doctor. I learned of my diagnosis of seborrhea oleosa. Appointed «Nizoral». Immediately after application the dandruff began to recede, but after treatment the symptoms came back. Above 3 this shampoo I would not put.

Alexander, 28 years old

The most effective for me was medicinal dandruff shampoo «Nivea for men». It refreshes and gently cleanses the scalp, gives new strength, energizes. The price matches the quality. Good option for gift for holiday. In addition, I started to use other cosmetics from this company. I advise all men.

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