How to stretch shoes at home: leather, suede and faux

In salon shoes look spectacular, but the first passage after they purchase massive legs. Many people familiar with the situation, when fitting in a Shoe store is not justified beyond. Uncomfortable shoes is not only uncomfortable when walking, but also a negative impact on health. Corn distort the gait, later spine, but damage to the blisters is fraught with infection. The question arises, how to stretch shoes at home? Greatly increase the amount of fail, but to add a few millimeters to bring the size to excellence will succeed.

How to stretch leather shoes at home

Leather assortment on the shelves is abundant. You picked a fine patent leather shoes, but they RUB your feet? There are a few common ways, how to post leather shoes that are too tight:

  1. Wet newspaper. To be most effective at first take a little shoes or boots over steam, then sealed with grease with a damp paper or cloth. Important: avoid strain, keep things tidy in appearance. Leave shoes to dry at normal room temperature. Direct sunlight and the battery can ruin the quality of the material, therefore, such drying should be avoided.
  2. Paraffin. It’s a big stretch for shoes is very easy to use. RUB thoroughly the surface inside a paraffin wax candle and leave it overnight. If you RUB the foot back, so carefully apply. In the morning remove the remnants of wax.
  3. Cold. How to stretch shoes quickly at home, if it’s winter boots or shoes? Help four packages filled with water. Two bag tightly tied and placed inside, the other put open at the top. The construction then put in the freezer until morning, and then I pull out, leave the room for a little ice thawed. Final point – the bags removed.

How to post suede shoes

Artificial and natural suede should not become excessively wet. If you don’t know how quickly distribute new shoes, no idea what to do if you click shoes, then apply a proven method stretching alcohol. Suitable for the procedure, pure alcohol or vodka. They are bred cool water in the proportion of 1:2 and wet shoes inside. Just use plain water, moistening the inner surface, and then walking it around the room.

In attempts to stretch the shoes to one size, do not overdo it with the liquid so that the boots or shoes were not wet through. Once you have processed suede boots or shoes, do not dry with heaters or dryers. It will ruin the suede fleecy surface and knock it off. When breaking it in their sneaker, the important point is the naturalness of socks that you wear: the skin needs to «breathe».

How to stretch shoes leatherette

Ballet flats or shoes shake unmercifully and return it to the store they cannot? Do not worry if the size is a little less than your situation is fixable. Warm the surface inside the dryer so it was warm. Do not overheat the material, otherwise the patent leather shoes or a leather of poor quality will crack. Then put on and wear as house shoes – it will stretch a little. If you are wondering how to post patent leather shoes, then it is better to apply moistening the surface with alcohol from the inside.

How to post rag shoes

Bought fashionable shoes converse, socks after which rubbed terrible blisters? Flat shoes, sneakers from the tissue easier to stretch, putting them on wet thick socks. Once you walk through the house until they are fully dry. The result will be visible already after the first procedure: the sneakers will be more free stretch. If your footwear have rubberized areas, but they need to be treated with cotton wool moistened with ammonia.

How to post shoes that are too tight

Do not attempt to post new shoes in one day. The best option is to wear it every day for an hour and a half, not to hurt the feet. It is easier to stretch in length and in width leather material: it is malleable, it is easier to do stretching. Before you put your shoes on, put on the most «dangerous» areas on the feet adhesive tape to protect your feet from blisters. Cloths wetted with soapy water or alcohol, to prevent chafing.


Carry sneakers in length, but in width is obtained with the help of simple tools. If they are leather, spray, spraying on internal and external surface. In the case where shoes of another material, wood helps stretch. It will adjust the width when setting for a period of about one day. One cannot underestimate castor oil. The inner surface is applied 50-70 g of the composition. When it is absorbed, it is necessary to wash the shoes in cold water, put on shoes, then walk around a little.


Rubber shoes are very difficult to stretch, the material is not too pliable. Try to wipe the rubber parts with ammonia, put on my shoes and walk through the house. Shoes PVC pour the boiling water. Footwear is warming up, and boiling water is poured. Then shoes put on woolen socks to post. If there is not the slightest shift, it is better to address in the workshop. Here for these purposes, used shoes for shoes. Master deals with mechanical stretch. Used special tools for each type of shoes.


High efficiency in addition to the above methods is the stretching of special foam. The boots stretch with boiling water, alcohol, wiping with vinegar. It is best to pick a Shoe foam. Immediately test it on an inconspicuous area, then apply to the entire surface before the wear. Cleats shall find necessary for the foot form and the material will not deteriorate.

Video: how to quickly distribute new shoes

Problem areas on the feet immediately will be felt once you wear uncomfortable boots or shoes. Tight shoes, rubbing the backs of running shoes, socks sandals narrow effect on the beauty of the legs and whole body health. How to stretch the uncomfortable sandals, sneakers and don’t hurt feet? About the most common and proven ways you will inform the expert. Your legs should be fine!

Reviews about stretching for shoes

Cristina, 25 years: When I rubbed shoes, were always wet inside their vodka, then shoes and walked through the apartment. A couple of times after the treatments, apply the stretch shoes walking became much more comfortable. Instead of vodka still alcohol is suitable for shoes made of artificial leather. An additional bonus is the Shoe for stretching the shoes – the result will appear faster.

Irene, 20 years: Always buy shoes the most comfortable, especially after a bad stretch. Bought expensive and terribly rubbed suede boots, warmed them with a Hairdryer, shod. Except that they won’t stretched, so the color of the plots lost. Buy what is convenient or better to carry the master to put the extender for the shoes.

Irma, 22 years: Varnished shoes rubbed to the bone. Rubbed inside regular vegetable oil, put on cotton socks, was like. Was repeated daily during the week and shoes took mercy on me and become freer. Artificial shoes are well stretches this way.

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