Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2016: favorable and bad days

How many hopes connected with the New Year holiday and the beginning of the next phase of life. Anticipation of changes, new trends. Many girls are already thinking about changing hairstyles to the onset of spring. Amateur astrology, pay attention to the lunar calendar haircuts on March 2016 to find out what days are equipped for such manipulations. From a certain point in the sky the Moon, what day of the month and the zodiac sign depends on whether the haircut itself. Let’s turn to cosmic powers up with prompts.

auspicious days for cutting or other manipulation of hair. On the first day of spring will grow stronger in the beginning of the month and substantially slower in the middle and the end. Hairstyle or haircut make in the days, when the sky will rule Capricorn (4, 5, and 31 March), Aries (11 and 12 March), Leo (19 and 20), Virgo (20,21).

Bad days for haircuts in March 2016

Hair-unwanted experiments in the new and full moon, 23 and March 9. You need to avoid transitions between lunar quarters 2, 9, 16 and 30 March. The most that is worth doing these days – massage and Facials, hair care is also important. Everything else can backfire. Following is the detailed horoscope in which you will learn when is the best time to cut hair.

A total lunar hair cutting calendar for March 2016

March 1

Waning Moon in Sagittarius, 22nd lunar day

Lunar horoscope for today from the Oracle warns that haircut is fraught with a set of extra pounds in the future. If you choose to dye your hair, then you should prefer natural colors.


-II — Sagittarius, 23

A trip to the hairdresser will only worsen the overall condition. Need to be careful with hair dyes, choosing only the best.


-II — Capricorn, 24

Is it possible to get a haircut? Comment: it is better to abstain. Doing anything with locks, there is a chance to cause damage to eyesight.


-II — Capricorn, the 25

Hairstyle change for the better image and health. Choose any color to paint the hair.


-II — Aquarius, 26

Podstrigach – this will give you energy.


-II — Aquarius, 27

On this day, well to cut their hair and change their hue.


-II — Pisces, 28

The change, which affected the hair, may lead to changes in marital status, will increase attention from the gentlemen.


-II — Pisces, 29

Manipulation stylist on your head will damage memory, and change their color and financial status.


The new moon in Aries, 1 and 2

In the moon forget about the haircut, it takes a life time. For painting use natural remedies.


Waxing Moon in Aries, 3

Do not cut the curls. For clarification choose natural products.


-II — Taurus, 4

The new image will provoke the emergence of unnecessary anxiety.


-II — Taurus, 5

Shortening or podravnjat the tips, you’ll improve cash position. This will be facilitated and the light colouring of the strands.


-II — Taurus, 6

It is impossible to get a haircut, fraught with diseases. Bad day for painting.


-II — Gemini, 7

Changing the state of locks will impact very favorably. Paint in any color without fearing to hurt myself.


-II — Gemini, 8

A trip to the hairdresser will lead to a fight with anyone.


-II — Cancer, 9

Leave the curls alone, or undermine their health.


-II — Cancer, 10

Do not think about extravagant hair or give up the idea to shave, all will be failures. Coloring will also help health.


-II — Leo, 11

A new haircut will give a new life force. Strands, which in this day of brown or Golden, will improve the financial position.


-II — Leo, 12

Great period, to work your magic with the strands. Will enhance the beauty and attractiveness.


-II — Virgo, the 13

It is better to forget about hair-experiments. This day is not an option.


-II — Virgo, the 14

Make the craziest idea with the hair, this update promises good luck, but paint is better to prefer natural.


-II — Virgo, the 15

Hair-changes will lead to headaches.


The new moon in Libra, 16

Changing hairstyles will worsen health. The dark color of the strands will allow you to make the right decision.


Waning Moon in Libra, 17

Get a haircut contraindicated.


-II — Scorpio, 18

Attempt to change the image will lead to injury and light or red hair colour will improve your relationship.


-II — Scorpio, 19

Hair-changes will lead to losses.


-II — Scorpio, 20

Trust the stylist and life will be longer. Natural color will lead to new friendships.


-II — Sagittarius, 20

Forget about a haircut.


-II — Sagittarius, 21

Luck smiles at you – a trip to the hairdresser will result in a luck gain.


-II — Capricorn, 22

Do not choose a hair-change, if you don’t want to gain weight. Suitable for colouring natural shades.


-II — Capricorn, 23

Hair-changes – health risk. If you want to change the color, use a paint with addition of natural drugs.

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