How to call monthly if you delay at home or with medication

The delay period is an important signal which speaks of the changes in the female body. It could be pregnancy, inflammation, nervous stress, hormonal imbalance and other causes, on which the woman must pay attention. Therefore, it is important to know how to cause period delaywhether they are allowed to do and when, what are the main methods to stimulate menstruation and indications for this.

a nervous breakdown. If it is connected with particular events (divorce, moving, dismissal, injury, childbirth, stress), changing conditions monthly go. If the lack of them unjustly, should consult a doctor.

  • Pregnancy. Often delay means pregnancy. In this case, the call period is impossible, even if the pregnancy is unwanted. Revealing the absence of menstruation, you first need to make sure that does not develop in you a new life, and then think how you can cause a month delay.
    • Inflammatory process or other problems with the female reproductive system. Delayed menstruation is a sign of problems «like a woman». You must see a gynecologist to rule out this cause. If there is inflammation, period can be caused (or improve yourself) only after the treatment of the problem.
    • The monthly cycle has increased. Cycle women do not necessarily every month should be the same. Normal – the period varies in the range of 26-35 days. If your normal monthly cycle is 28 days and your period does not come, wait, she can come to the 35th.

    • Emergency contraception. You had unplanned sexual intercourse, but according to the calendar there is a risk of ovulation? To avoid fertilization, use means of emergency contraception – special tablets that contain a loading dose of progesteronelike and causing premature menstruation, which will not allow the egg to be fertilized or to be fixed on the walls of the uterus. These pills are harmful to the body, take them rarely and only in the most urgent cases.

    Read more about causes of delayed menstruation, see video of «Live is good», where Elena Malysheva with his assistants will explain all the important points of this problem:

    of the progesterone level is only necessary in the case of true progesterone deficiency, and this is a very rare and poorly diagnosed a diagnosis, a symptom which will be rather short monthly cycle than the delay. But in practice, the diagnosis of gynecologists put, almost every second woman with the violation of the loop and insist on hormone therapy, but this intervention in a self-regulating process of the female reproductive system.

    The following medicines are suitable only in the case of true deficiency progesterone delay menstrual cycle. If women indeed experienced a disease of the endocrine system (and not the temporary failure) that is not such a frequent phenomenon, it is necessary to start hormonal therapy, because in this case there is a risk of infertility or miscarriage during pregnancy.

    examined«is a very common method of dealing with irregular monthly cycle (delayed menstruation), however, is only suitable for those who have a real lack of hormones. It is also prescribed to overcome the threat of abortion. It is created on the basis of progesterone, obtained synthetically and compensating the lack of natural hormone in a woman’s body.

    In pregnant women it maintains the nutrition of the uterus and implantation of the fetus (i.e., prevents miscarriage). In non-pregnant – creates the typical amount of progesterone in the body, which leads to standardization of the monthly cycle and the beginning of menstruation. However, this does not solve the cause of the delay, rather artificially supports hormonal balance in a woman (similar to the contraceptives, but without protection against pregnancy).

    to reduce the impact of harmful substances on the liver and kidneys (not drinking alcohol, not to eat overcooked food or peripersonal) for more than the period of validity of tablets and recovery. At observance of all recommendations of critical consequences should not be (bleeding is not a side effect, and the method of action of the drug).

    To provoke menstruation may the infusion of Lavrushka, which causes contraction of the uterus. Before using such tools consider the reasons for the delay menstruation, since menstruation ahead of time leads to negative consequences. In any case it is impossible to accept it if the reason for the delay – pregnancy, because this would lead to disastrous results. The tincture is prepared as follows:

    1. Take 10 g of Bay leaf.
    2. Pour 400 ml water in a saucepan».
    3. Without closing the lid, cook for 5 minutes.
    4. Pour into a thermos and leave for 3 hours.
    5. Cool and drink 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day.

    profuse menstruation and can cause miscarriage, and therefore should not be consumed by pregnant women. The decoction is contraindicated for serdecznie and those who have delayed menstruation caused by inflammatory processes. Pour 1 teaspoon of crushed root with boiling water (1 tbsp.), boil for 15 minutes and leave for 4 hours. Drink 1 tsp several times a day.


    In addition to the above, to influence the delay period will help the following herbs (shown in order of increasing danger for the body):

    1. parsley and dill (in raw form and as an infusion);
    2. ginger (tea and pickled root);
    3. onion skins (infusion);
    4. tansy and nettle (decoction);
    5. Valerian, origanum (oregano) and mint (gathering, eat a little, not pregnant).

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