The lamp for seedlings

Лампа для подсветки рассады

Further highlighting the seedlings is an essential condition for the successful cultivation of young plants. When the little light in plants the process of photosynthesis occurs slowly, so that the seedlings grow slowly and often get sick. However, it is important to choose the right lamp for seedlings. Consider available options to see what fits best.

That lamp is needed to illuminate the seedlings?

Lamps used for supplementary lighting of seedlings, varied. The main ones are represented by such species:

  • Illumination of seedlings of mercury fluorescent light is not effective enough, because the lamps produce white light, which is not so important for plants. They need more red and violet part of the spectrum, the fluorescent lights can not give.
  • Illumination of the seedlings of ordinary incandescent lamp is not only effective for seedlings, but also uneconomical in terms of energy consumption. Such lamps only 5% of its energy is converted into light, the rest in heat radiation. This seedling is pulled, receives burns and dries.
  • Sodium lamps of a domestic production «Relax» can be used for planting. The most preferred variations on them such as DNAs, high-pressure sodium, and dries them in combinations to get the full range. The advantages of sodium lamps is their durability, high efficiency, stable luminous flux. Disadvantages – high cost and the need for regulating the installation.
  • Fluorescent lamp – illumination of the seedlings they are quite common. However, be aware that they are insufficiently powerful for this purpose, besides in its spectrum are not enough red waves. To highlight the seedlings of these lamps, positioning them at the height of 15-30 cm, and for the light meter window sill with seedlings will need 2 lamps of 40 watts.
  • Лампа для подсветки рассады

  • The fitolamp (photoluminescent lamp) – environmental friendly-effective for seedlings, durable, compact and safe. However, it emits a purple-pink glow, which irritate the human eye, causes headaches. Therefore it is not recommended to use these lamps without reflectors.
  • Led lamps for illumination of the seedlings – we are the best option as by combining LEDs of white, red and blue, you can make the lighting as efficient as possible. The lamps themselves are durable, have high efficiency, and the range system is easy to adjust for different growth stages of seedlings.

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